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i love this Soul how pretty
it is blue and white
and brown and so much
more we call Earth.
i love you that you give us all
we need and more.
Wrath day, this only Day Everything
will be carbonized ~
as lost loves announced.

How the terror is,
that judgement comes
to judge us all harshly.

What a te-e-rror-rror it will
be-be, as we watch our life
exquinsited by mighty forces
yet unknown.

I imagined no thing as this!
Diamond eyes, flower lips,
tender skies kissing hearts! all
the dreams of a dreamer who
writes for the soul!

i cried.
to still write a poem
a soul should go above us
living for all today
these dreams are with us
and every day they do
have the strong voice
of meaning

:: 01.23.2023 ::


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it was a Past that Never Happened

it was a past that never happened
just \ MEMORY /

a single thing of no stature

nor shadow. how then i died

never knowing truth

and that love oozed Persephone

and her deepest anguish and still

lives eating meanings. Per Symphony

i am to be enlightened.

It is just the music of Life.

:: 01.23.2023 ::

The Unknown Rogue Variable

The solution:

create a manufacturing robot.

Have that one robot create

25 generations of robots.

The 26th will be free of all

touches of humanity and magic


:: 01.22.2023 ::