Daily Archives: January 17, 2023

A Stranger In this Town

deep Blue Skies you were living hell
living your ghost living in a place
where we lost All Things
and whatever you say is alright
_______silence is never Heaven
silence is dead. Deconstructing
waves and turning off the cables
of energy _____is always good and
right: SILENCE is never the Way
so let’s talk about it /Heaven is
on the way ; Heaven is One it’s Way:
a stranger in this Town
is waiting too
nature has spoken — a first bird
braced for morning fresh from another
world, dear…sweet new feelings from
the dew formed upon that first branch
of life and uniqueness /we’re the same
one\ Mine is the One whose heart beats
bringing up God’s Creation across believers
and children who like the first morning
shout in praise for light and for mornings
so fresh for the World.

:: 01.17.2023 ::

Twisting Invading Hearts

s t
n g

i n
v a d i n g

hearts and
M i n d s
f o r taking
and what spirit
says about society?
the world is a word
called: MANKIND.

is love and everything.

:: 0.17.2023 ::


and rains came to clear
that thought (and lightning
still called walking upon
all fours) the world is the
world for kind as Me.
In lost society
are empty streets
and empty thoughts
the dead having died
have no more words :
even God and Government.
Like things are permanent.
And what you express
in his spirit is nothing
but word, “Mankind.”


:: 01.16.2023 ::

Catch the Spirit

It was pleasant to eat and drink and kiss |
: the world wasting away but thoughts soaring higher
by the moment ~dried my tears and now
about His company about society?
Love is the strong element: saving mankind /?_it
gets higher than silly smiles -: promises like ancient mysteries
know one single word, “Mankind.”
Praise literature for it holds
the keys to a promise you once
wished in possibility ~~
the angels blush in promiscuity.

Life is Love and Love is God.

:: 01.16.2023 ::