Daily Archives: January 12, 2023

Orbicular Nightmare

(some of those people turned around but were
never interested in me. Love looked around
like an unscrewed head with a cat’s presence.
And where were those alien baby things looking
out for us, you say? Uh! Huh. Management taught
me to just play my guitar while making love
to my ego and once then a passerby signaled government
to take me through the glass oh yeah. Ooh
that piece i had forgotten was so long ago me |i pace
and walk planck’s measurement eternally while i met
Him and shook His hand for centuries and gazed while
gazingly staring i knew we both died alone such a
long time ago and now i remember when i once lost
control: when i died forgiving the world & bled
face-to-face with the Man who Saved the World.)

:: 01.2.2023 ::

by invading i kept my mouth shut
forgiving the world/if with your electric eyes
you’d tuck away your radar and allow your space-mind
to rest tonight\Church Was Once a Holy Place |so now
i’ve jumped down into your raygun eyes and now i’m
freaked out inside a mars-day nightmare i love_ how strange

God might chance me but i won’t waste my time.

:: 01.12.2023 ::

A Relationship

What if you have to perfect
in order to love God?

No one really knows.
It’s never been done.

:: 01.12.2023 ::

Tender Grass

I called out to tender grass

“love me even in death
cover my body in dirt
and dream i was someone
like you ~ forgive me.”

I give up my life to
attend to you ; you are
so close to heaven
more than me and sooner
or later one leaves the other.

Orion belt, of life
like us – ceremonial kiss
unsurpassable stairway,
inside the heart’s eyes
tetrahedra collar of pollen stone
Strange desires make cosmic
humans do equinoctial of deep love /
sacred geometry as a book of stone
Glaciers carved the surface
of your Mind as squalls of coral
sunken time.  In truth there are lies
but i wont’ say anything at all___
we glide.  

:: 01.12.2023 ::