Daily Archives: January 19, 2023

Wereling Communique

Tonight it’s wet with tears
how funny they could be from

How i wish i was a spoon
so smooth and clean for
the heart’s mouth
oh shut up telescope!
we have a smarter One
so small it’s getting stronger.
. pulling back. /Whatever
you’re looking for it’s not
around here\ The dirt jumped up
and danced singing, “he’s not
around here anymore.”
Said the Id, “I wonder which way
to go?”
Said Ego: I dear, wish I hadn’t
cried so much

I won’t feel you anymore ; time has
moved forward and you’ve reversed.

Fair. Now let’s save your civilization.
of whatwere and have been never-been.

:: 01.18.2023 ::

Do Not Vaccinate Against the Earth


it is the brightest of nights; the exceptional expectation
which fate has granted the every-NOTHING. paradoxically enough
if one believes in Life; kissing phenomena believing
science when flasks and atom smashers dance together
and flesh/blood kill each other
the more paradoxical enough today my lips bled when
i spoke just a word,


and a new element born!

Do not vaccinate against the Earth.

:: 07-08-2015 ::

Horde of Unforgivable Souls


 E XPLODE like a bomb  how you
l ove me (as i die) | love me like
a heart dancing like virual app ~
fake:stomping out the cloud looking
FOR archaic Love nothing here but
heavy drugs. the c hild ren start to
sing and the lady across the street
cleaning s hirts stares upward:
the Spirit turns out the street’s candles
the caw s creams another Death in hand.  
Dreaming of a d ream  and  the creature
across the street waves it’s ‘hands’ to
the horde of unforgivable souls.

It’s too late, too late, too late,
too late for Mankind to resolve.
A heavy thought weighed my Soul down
when i pinched the sky to remember
all my wrong and little rights
i kissed the Sun in whatever i do.
  Because that River of Life is loaded
with spiritual questions and died in
her arms and her too : always be true.
Growing up and coming down
away away away up toward tearing
screaming things that would make me kill.
The beggar you begat begets a fool so tall.
You always knew oh always knew ;  so the
sweetest things the world remembers are
those feelings we’d kill for a little
oh a little (giggle) a little love, a little
stupid, never wisdom within those bones.

:: 01.18.2023 ::