Daily Archives: January 3, 2023

She Held the Rose

I should have spoken clearly (i am never eloquently-tongued)
with blue skies singing (i am the smallMouth)
and so i like when the sun moves me
expressing light as nature that moves mysteriously away–> from humans
— whom i loved.

Scattered by my exquisite thoughts the giantSmall meets this
smallGiant heart i captured just today! A brilliance of love!
the remembrance of romance!

She sat upon a bench with a single rose within her tender hands
: where i am is where she is where love bursts frozen-SHUDDERINGLY

kisses across the burning sun is
passion exploding exhilarating us!

I am too this love we share
My eternally EVERYWHERE!

:: 09-01-2015 ::

Our Story

Hear our story, then, the story of time past and time future. The story of all centuries since and the stories yet to come. About to fall upon us is the nettles, The nettles, with their soft white stems, there is in each stem a sharp blue spike, Comes upon its prey with a sudden point

And pierces the flesh as the teeth of the nettle Pierce the ribs of a potato. Here lies the rat, struggling, straining, dying, dying, fighting to rise up. A thousand small bites from the nettles have enveloped the flesh of his body, we will strip him, pull him, tear him open, eat him, cut him in half, make him into soup,
burp out his meat and eat.

But this is time past and time future a story of all the centuries since and the stories yet to come.

// – //