Daily Archives: January 13, 2023

A Dirt Love

Dear tears a teary tincture
i never sought lucid green skies:
by quiet ancient rivers i knew
beneath sapling’s dewy drops
my softly falling heart into you |
my little ugly dear i love |
that we once loved each other
once ~~ eating soft-boiled eggs
and knew taste of dirt my Queen
who left me.

:: 01.13.2022 ::

In my Daze I Find God

Bengal Tiger  why try 2 Eat me?
i loved your kind unselfishly
Animal mind watched me and rape
was too kind ~~ you are like people
who just want to eat me!  You don’t
know what it means to eat a human!
Tiger Mother stopped.  Her cubs moaned
for food.  Nature so beautiful.  Colors
like Whores draw in the late bloomed hearts
and now there’s a hole.  Symbolism is an
embolism deep within the Mind.  How can
i remove all the false Love \ in candles.
I fisted the female tiger ; she felt good
and didn’t eat me but nipped hard!  So now,
i am to blame for all i dream but i don’t
care cause i’m so funny i love it all |||
today i saw i was a mental storm ~ and dropped
all the mysteriously glowing sheets of Life…
all Inside my Head is a Heavy Pain of Everyday
that I care so i burn candles and God is a
beautiful bright Veil through which her
love Shines.  

:: 01.13.2022 ::

Take a Piss Take a Kiss

watching above eyes can see
what is not a pretend
out of the light cone
we see history and now here
we are now | lottery to win
Life | today i crossed my legs
upon ancient rocks and saw a group
down the way ~~ hey, oh! the black-
eyes and bulbous heads! I’m here.
Walking stupid to entertain the timeline
of poisoned Rivers
(take a piss or take a kiss)
while figuring it all out i found it
so hard to leave my Mind (oh yeah, oh well,
hello, well, oh i love you!) in hard times
strangers smile when you’re stupid dresses
catch the abido in lies and cover.

:: 01/13/2023 ::

Slow Horse with a Casket

I was at the Circle (K) down the road (1.8 m).  

And talked to an employee on the floor. 

 <banter, banter>.  She said a young kid 

had come into the store the other day and 

said to her, 

“I have a 5 year high school reunion. 

I’m wondering how many are still alive.”

:: 01.13.2023 ::