Daily Archives: January 6, 2023

Affection for Dead People

In this One Life i remember
all those special places
i’ve visited as some are
here and some are gone
like places i remember
some with lovers and friends
as some are living
as some are dead
but with all this lost
i’d loose the meaning
and affection for Love
if i never stopped to
think of those i’ve loved.

:: 01.05.2023 ::

All My Love Rest in Peace

AND can you see
that which you
do not believe?
can you see the
beauty of mystery?
Any of these you
can choose.
 Drifting within
closed eyes i drifted
into the womb of One
I’d become.  I hope
i show you.  How important
love is for all of us.

:: 01.05.2023 ::

To Find Love

IF you find Love
hold it close
to love the moment
of all her thoughts
and her dreams
within your arms
to love is voiceless
but the body screams
the heart sings
the mind numb!

:: 01.05.2023 ::

Down in Zombie Land

ORN within an orchestra called, “No Inn”
i cried for so long in Sin
locked all within a trap
called it, ‘my own.’
All within a haunted lonely Hotel.
And all the people [with eyes] so blind
so destroy all the negatives
accentuate the positives

[get a hold of them]

And the hired skins sniffing all that monkey blood
so we’ll stop that feeding within a zombieLAND yes
stop that feeding of wishing just like machines but never
taking what they say, ‘Machines gonna take your land. Machine
loves the first Monkey Boy– you killed within the Land o’
Blivion; settling like a ball.I felt the delirium room within
my friend ~~ and I’m gonna kill u says the mystery shadow
in every room. AND darkness laughed while
Christ weeps. Starless starless
night of status quo …

:: 06-26-2016 ::

Button Triggered

Silent temple-fEET tread
as though you tread upon

And what! What …
of our moon? Distance between
green and ash white a mere wink & touch!

Which i spoke such at night;
calls me. The time is
too near! Here again, a raging
energy hating war ~ so they sing
and seriously sing not knowing
what it means to humans without
a Soul or that called a Heart.

So sing tonight like a singer
who sings sounds oh sings sounds
of nature that care not how petty
our misadventure — they don’t
know what it means ~~~~ hmm__yeah.

:: 06-22-2016 ::

Welcome My Ghost

THAT I have tried and succeeded is only in great measure
that you have been there with all my fears and displeasure.

Holding my cramped heart and swollen hands is how you have
saved both my mind and spirit – the soul; still intact down
by emptying rivers that lead to unexpected consequences.

And to weep while watching the death of a perfect day and to
realize that birth was only half that day ago is sobering:

we watch each other’s eyes while laying on our sides and
breathing in cadence i tell you that i am a fortunate peasant
and you the Queen who has welcomed my Ghost.

:: ~ ::