Daily Archives: January 15, 2023

SPUTSUM Lane (that dusty road)

Your brilliance made me puke
but you’re a pretty girl
the nerdy type with glasses

Jets of sputsum! You hopped on
my lap making the wall’s raincoats
rise revealing strange stars, moons,
and planets _ i put on my glasses
(your knees knocking together my ugly
little cute girl) /One day you
opted me The Poet and hopped upon my
lap and forgetting | in the moment i
wrote a poem and did a painting ~~
of stolen hearts, money, planes,
and rusty moments within thorns and
clover and forever memories when the
heart is stone in love.

:: 01.14.2023 ::

Living with the Dead

I am living with the dead
of past lives who touch
that part of me
that lives such sorrow
i compress n’ confess my tears
that those who live
have no touch to give
that life may richer grow
for those who lost but
not their Souls.

:: 03-18-2014 ::