Daily Archives: January 9, 2023

So I am Going Back Home

I have seen visions of someone
like you in my life –~ holding
me from the darkest night
falling in love for centuries
i thought I would never find

you Love — isn’t it pain
who touches my soul -? this
sister-hood who got us through
is’t it love and isn’t it enough
for love?

:: 01.08.2023 ::

Monster Mouth

monster MOUTH eat my Heart
dig it and exterminate me
find me sell me
for your love is it trash
monster Mouth eat my heart
i smell angels jizz on me
and witches lick me
did i say “rock” dying as
you birth the Souls behind
my back and monster MOUTH
comes to me -> do it baby
(you’re acting as an
animal) DRAG drops 21
and devil upon my back

:: 0`1.08.2023 ::

The Sun’s Jealous Skies

FLEW inside my Soul upon a dusty plain. i did not know how thirsty
life could be until this moment. My thoughts toward the skies
requesting rain. | Blue azure above and brown abstract emotions
showing distant love and death. i count the ways i feel waves
moving me always /i still recall the taste of your touch \ and recall
the voice that’s ringing within my Ears : saliors wishing they find
shore than the hull of death.
Releasing fear makes it all go away
i make it all go away and wish nothing
That giant makes you slowly take apart
all what you are and leaving color
— and my heart makes this all go away
but know it makes me scared to want something
–something i could never have.

:: 01.08.2023 ::

Dirty Word

ATE the World inside a bite stood and stained
again and raged for dawn (like kids without food)
of Light sometimes it’s like
god is dog and woof and woof
We could have more
but He was the One and now
singing is like shooting guns
you know what it means
In our pretty Life He just sees
and we know what it means
yeah | Hey father –> excuse
me : dad. Tipsy Tova swivel
neck finding philosophy to find
what it means /he’s the one who
likes to sing and shot his mouth
\ i have the gun yeah. / i was
so self-assured the dirt would
create me you know how low hello
sad i know It’s all incredible
nibblets of mascara limo nights
And how i saw i was speeding by
into the ‘you tell me’ so tell me
hello tell me oh no say:
often stupide
more contagious
below buffalo
yeah ~ kiss me.

:: 01.08.2023 ::