Daily Archives: March 26, 2023

No Audience Needed

i found two feet walking along a shoreline called Mississippi River 

and there was not a breeze or sound: the world was frozen. Blue ice.
So i began my journey there. found colors, notes and feelings,
a catfish caught on a line; i saw the water and skies moving gently
across my soul; this i did and i had no feelings — it was spectacular
to view. Caught out of time and wonder -ing what love could ever be as this.
i am not wishing. I am not granting. I am not human. I am not anything you
can comprehend. I am alone.


No audience needed. I write for myself.

:: 07.27.2020 ::


she wore mortician’s makeup above
the once breathing pores || i died
once,twice & more ||then buried ||
was she within a barren field of
nothing more?

or within my dying heart?

:: 07.12.2020 ::


FOOLS use mind to conquer

Hearts! my mind takes leave
as Love enters my life —
your songs are beautiful
birds singing within my Soul.

:: 07.28.2020 ::