Daily Archives: March 9, 2023

If You Can Keep Your Head In Long Days of Labor

Amidst the doubt, I speak in silence, hushed,
And keep my head amidst life’s hateful strife.
We dream and think, without disaster brushed,
Creating life for masters, poets’ life.

With kings and commoners we walk and muse,
And wonder if this world is truly Earth,
A planet vast, impossible to cruise,
Too long to travel for one mortal’s worth.

Perhaps the undergrowth shall make a way,
A path for others, equal to our own,
Where hearts and souls may rest, find peace and stay,
On simple summer days, when love is known.

Through time’s long corridors, I search and yearn,
For love’s sweet time, when hearts and souls may learn.

:: 03.09.2023 ::

Into My Garden My Souls

i drowned inside the well of the deepest heart i’ve known
it’s not a drink nor the sight of a swollen moon but the face of your love,
and it would destroy me to have you, and i burn for you,
i drown for >you< and my umbrella heart
saved my soul from drowning but not from the well of
the deepest heart i’ve known and i die for you,
no matter whatever happens and all that you’ve done,
and all the dying flowers of forgotten lovers
i will always drown inside the deepest heart


Oh blood, the life force that doth flow,
Invisible rivers that run below,
A crimson tide that feeds the heart,
A surreal canvas, a work of art.

The essence of life, the essence of death,
Bound together in a surrealistic breath,
A dance of light and shadow in the veins,
A surreal world where love and loss reigns.

In this surreal realm, where beauty lies,
And reality is often disguised,
Blood becomes a symbol of love and strife,
A dreamlike essence that gives us life.

For in the flow of every heart,
Is a surreal beauty that sets us apart,
A crimson thread that connects us all,
And leads us through this surrealistic ball.

So let us embrace this surrealistic flow,
And the beauty of the blood that we know,
For in its rhythm, we find our beat,
And the surrealistic dance that makes us complete.

:: 03.09.2023 ::



I was talking to a homeless man
it ain’t no crime watching him die
i cut a few flowers near his tears
and offered my soul

is it right?

I was out on the streets
I don’t understand cause
it ain’t no crime

Souls come together tonight

He said, “I need direction.”
I said, maybe you’ll get it right
next time

I was a liar and even an angel
drank life and my wine
i hear the streets and don’t understand

Get it right next time

Your angels sing, “recognize the signs
next time”

I was such a liar and cheat.  Says the
soul dying and wishing another chance.

I  choose the brew and make my mistakes
and found a mountain i can take ~~
stay awake and put truth

Inside your throat.  No matter how much
it hurts devour the truth.

Get it right next time.

:: 03.09.2023 ::

OUT of Blue and Into Black

In the twilight of our love,
Where shadows danced with grace,
We held each other close,
As time slipped away without a trace.

But fate, it seems, had other plans,
And pulled us apart with force,
Leaving us with broken hearts,
And pain that cut through our cores.

And yet, in the aftermath,
Amidst the ruins of our dreams,
We learned to find forgiveness,
For those who caused us to scream.

We faced the bitterness head-on,
And sought to understand,
The reasons for our enemies’ actions,
To build bridges from the sand.

In time, our wounds began to heal,
And love found its way back,
For when we forgave our foes,
Our own hearts were no longer black.

For forgiveness is the key,
To unlocking the chains of hate,
And finding our way back to love,
Before it is too late.

And so, we stand here today,
United once again,
Forgiveness our guiding light,
Love and loss now a distant pain.

:: 03.09.2023 ::