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The procession slowly moved in stately attire, a coffin occasioned by wooden wheels and solid beasts, with a fair amorous group of ladies joking about sprouting third legs. Beast or not, it left some mouths agape while others were watering, and finally, the elderly one was put to rest.

:: eprobles ::

Math Without Numbers

Math without numbers, a curious thought,
An abstract realm where the mind is caught,
A world of patterns, of shapes and of space,
A place where logic and reason find their place.

From geometry’s lines to topology’s twists,
Mathematics without numbers still persists,
Fractals and graphs, with beauty and grace,
A visual language, in which the mind can trace.

The rhythm of patterns, in nature abound,
Fibonacci’s sequence, in petals found,
The golden ratio, in spirals displayed,
A hidden order, in chaos arrayed.

Set theory, with its empty sets and more,
Logic and proofs, that the mind does explore,
Algebraic structures, with symbols and rules,
Abstract equations, that the mind can’t refuse.

Math without numbers, a world so vast,
A universe of ideas, that the mind can grasp,
A language of abstraction, of pure thought,
A treasure of knowledge, that cannot be bought.

:: 03.01.2023 ::

Before A Kiss – Abstract Thoughts

In the depths of my mind, I spin,
Lost in a world of dream and din,
Where colors blend and thoughts begin,
A crazy, abstract world within.

The sky is red, the grass is blue,
The trees are singing, the flowers moo,
And all the creatures, strange and new,
Are dancing in a rainbow hue.

The sun is smiling, the moon is weeping,
The stars are laughing, the comets creeping,
The world is alive, but it’s not sleeping,
In my abstract mind, there’s no time for keeping.

The river flows, but it’s upside down,
The mountains dance, without a sound,
The clouds are soft, but they wear a crown,
And all around, there’s no solid ground.

I ride a bicycle made of air,
And sing a song without a care,
I float above a world so rare,
And dance with all the creatures there.

In this surreal world of mine,
There’s no limit to what I can find,
My imagination runs wild and divine,
A world of deep abstract and surrealism, so fine.

:: 02.28.2023 ::

Love’s Laughter

She stood before me, dressed in a sheer and delicate fabric,
as the towering trees outside brushed their leaves against the window,
almost tauntingly close.

I sat in my armchair, hands clasped tightly, watching her every move
with a mix of awe and longing.

Her petite feet, like works of art, trembled with pleasure on the floor.
As a stray beam of sunlight danced across her face, it illuminated her smile
and accentuated the curves of her body.

I leaned in and pressed my lips softly against her ankle, And she let out a soft,
musical giggle that filled the room.

Her laugh was like a symphony of sound,

And it made my heart skip a beat.

:: 02.28.2023 ::

Our Last Gaze

When first I gazed upon her lovely face,
My heart did skip a beat and then it soared,
For in that moment, time and space erased,
And I was left with love that I adored.

Her eyes, as bright as stars on moonless nights,
Did captivate my soul and hold it fast,
And in her presence, all my wrongs felt right,
As if my heart had found its home at last.

And when she spoke, her voice was like sweet song,
That filled my ears and set my heart ablaze,
And though I knew our love would not be long,
I couldn’t help but bask in love’s sweet haze.

For though our time together may be brief,
Her love will be my heart’s eternal chief.

:: 02.28.2023 ::

Attachment and Love

If this whole affair should break my attachment
To family, I easily release it, only because
My heart is within splendid love.

To find happiness in life,
To find love in living,
I surrender my life for love,
For loving is the greatest cost,
Of the tears we spill in life.

As I walk the seashore, hand-in-hand,
Talking of life’s purpose, and our part in the cosmic plan.

“How can we find happiness without objects in life?”
Well, eventually, your strength will tell me an impossibility.

“Ask of me. I only wish a woman to love.”
Well then, while the ocean breaks the shores and the skies move clouds,
They watch us. What do they say of us?

“They say we are in deep love, my dear,
That the world is in love with a fallen angel
Who loves poetry.”

For love is a mystery of the heart and mind,
A force that drives us, that we cannot define.
It’s the magic of the universe, the essence of being,
The very reason we exist, the answer to our seeking.

So let us embrace the love we have found,
And let it guide us, in life’s journey, bound.
For in love, we find our true purpose and meaning,
And let our hearts soar, in Cummings’ sweet dreaming.

:: 01.25.2000 ::

As the Heart Sings, It Sings for Love

Oh, how sweet the sound of love,
Like music from the skies above,
A symphony that fills the heart,
And sets the world ablaze with art.

With every beat, with every breath,
Love conquers fear, and conquers death.
It lifts us up, it sets us free,
And fills our souls with harmony.

It’s a song that echoes through the ages,
A melody that lasts for all the stages,
Of life and love and everything in between,
A timeless tune that’s always seen.

Love is the light that shines within,
The hope that guides us through the din.
It’s the spark that starts the flame,
And the bond that keeps us all the same.

So let us sing this ode to love,
And let it lift us up above,
The troubles of the world below,
And let its joy and beauty show.

For love is the key that opens all doors,
The treasure that all of us adore,
And when we sing its sweet refrain,
We find that joy and peace remain.

:: 02.28.2023 ::

Two Lovers Eternally

In fair Verona, where we lay our scene,
Two star-crossed lovers met and fell in love,
Their families’ feud a barrier between
The passions of these two, sent from above.

But love knows not of hate, nor time, nor place,
And Romeo and Juliet could not resist
The pull of fate, the magic of their grace,
And so they vowed to love, no matter the risk.

Their love was pure, a flame that burned so bright,
That even death could not put out its light.
For though they died, their love did not expire,
But lived on in the hearts of all who desire

To find a love that’s true, a love that’s real,
Like Romeo and Juliet, forever to feel.

:: 02.28.2023 ::

Love, Loss, and Enlightenment

Lost in love’s labyrinthine ways,
I wandered far in passion’s haze.
I gave my heart with wild abandon,
And prayed my love would never falter.

But in the end, betrayal came,
A dagger to my heart in flames.
I thought my love had been true,
But now I see, it was all askew.

I wept and raged, and cursed the fates,
For such a cruel and bitter fate.
But then, amidst the dark despair,
A glimmer of hope, a light so rare.

For in that moment, I realized,
That love is not just sunshine skies.
It’s also storms and raging seas,
That test our hearts and make us see.

That true love is not just sweet,
It’s also bitter, and complete.
For only in the depths of pain,
Can we find the light of love again.

So now I stand, enlightened and strong,
A survivor of love’s cruel song.
For though my heart may bear the scars,
I know that love can heal all stars.

And so I walk, with head held high,
A heart that’s open, and a soul that’s wise.
For though the road is long and winding,
Love is eternal, always binding.

:: 02.28.2023 ::