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I feel your skin, and know it’s real
No need for questions, that’s not how I feel
It’s not the time to wonder why

Everything around me seems pale and plain
You come and go, like waves in the rain
I don’t want this, but I’ll never forget
Where we met, and the memories we’ve kept

Let’s not waste time, don’t let the memories die
Remember, remember, don’t say goodbye

I’m always alone, even when you’re near
Are we really together, or is it just fear?
We’re trapped in a cycle, where everyone steals
But when we escape, it’s like fields of ripe strawberries

I may have hurt you, left a bruise on your face
But I adore you, you have an exquisite taste
Let’s not waste time, we could have been kinder
I wish I could change, but I can’t rewind her

It should have been simpler, just you, me, and fear
But now it’s just us, as you fall ever so near
I needed you more, when we wanted each other less
I couldn’t kiss you, only regress

It’s clear to me, I have many names
But let’s not let these moments slip away in vain.

:: 03.05.2023 ::


THEIR branches bare, their trunks gnarled and old.

As I grew up, I found solace in silence,
finding comfort in the whispering breeze.
I cared not for human chatter and noise,
preferring instead the rustling of leaves.

Amongst the weeds, the burdock and the nettle,
stood a tree that I treasured most of all.
Its slender form, its mournful weeping,
soothed my restless soul whenever I called.

But now I’ve lived beyond its years,
and to my surprise, I see its stump.
New willows speak with alien tongues,
underneath the sky that we once shared in thump.

Silent and still, as if in mourning,
I stand before the tree that felt like kin.

:: 03.05.2023 ::


What sweet thoughts come with Spring’s gentle sway,
As weather stirs our festive mood and play,
And strong winds shake trees, leaves fall away,
Like late October’s colors on display.

As heaven sometimes shakes youth’s passion high,
And speaks desire as world waxes by,
Our love moves on, does my fairest maid,
Whose heart speaks the same words as mine conveyed.

God approves, as roses bloom with grace,
But creatures on earth may refuse to embrace.
I confess, as clouds weep and roses grow,
Of my love for you, with a heart aglow.

In soiled sin, I confess my love with ease,
With unworried hand and lips, like pilgrims on knees,
That touched a rough touch with gentle kiss,
And found love’s treasure, in moments of bliss.

:: 03.05.2023 ::


In this moment, as we embrace,
Our hearts entwine with tender grace,
Amidst a world of strife and fear,
Our love is born, and it is clear.

Our passion, though forbidden, true,
Renews the hope of something new,
Of love that transcends race and creed,
Of hearts that beat, with one great need.

Our time together, short and sweet,
Is filled with joy and bliss complete,
We find in each other’s embrace,
A respite from the world’s harsh face.

And even as the world around,
Comes crashing down with thunderous sound,
We hold each other, tight and fast,
And know that love will surely last.

For though our time together fades,
Our love, it will not be betrayed,
In hearts and minds, it will remain,
A time for us, free from all pain.

:: 03.05.2023 ::


In the light’s glow, I’m but a snail,
Gazing at lies poured in barrels,
And cell walls that I cannot scale,
Asking both self and all, in peril:
Do we wish to be counted, mere sums,
On charts that the government lies have spun?

Never to reach heaven’s door,
But scorched by flames of hellish maws.

It needn’t be a faceless ghost,
Whose head feels the world has caved in.
What does freedom mean the most?
What does it mean to love, and win?
What of hate, and what it costs?

When we kill our own, kin to kin,
I won’t be but a mark to count,
Reduced to digits, drowned in din,
And wars that come, like a sunrise mount,

Before dawn’s light, blood and guts fly,
Like a cat that forgot its paws’ ties.

:: March 5, 2025 ::

I am Vast as Expansive

Vast as the rolling waves, I am
With the sea’s droplet approaching me, tender and calm
The siren’s song echoes, “I love you” through time
My soul depleted, eternally confined

Far I have traveled, across the seas and land,
Through tumultuous storms and barren sands.
To glimpse your form, to feel the warmth of your skin,
To bask in the radiance of your beauty, without and within.

For I cannot depart, without laying my eyes,
On the one I cherish, my heart’s true prize.
I fear the thought of goodbyes, of losing you forevermore,
Of being cast adrift, on the lonely sea’s endless shore.

So I wait here, vast and rolling,
With the sea’s droplet, my heart’s longing.
For the day when you will come to me,
And I will finally be complete, eternally free.

:: 03.04.2023 ::


if the Mudfoot grows cold

a tender feeling out of some dreaming seed
(and how cellohpane is plastic and clear still)
and what she touches is me and not me

and while soaring within a deep dream climbing skies
(until feelings are more than emotions)
i fell as a brilliant bird and am was ever as i

the skin crawls aways beyond a soul’s shore

sidewalk gum under my shoe)
tangerine tongue parched
by overthought words inside my head

i forget my humanity and shed my skin
and leave my mouth upon a hydrant
where children scream playing high

incessant news on bright screens
and sore thumbs pulling down
dreams as demons laughshriek

hatred of causes that cause pain
of yellow, blue and pink bruises
like uncomfortable unworlds

by an eternal fountain of afterLife
thief crook cynic (incredibly high
fragment of hell and heaven)
is disembodied voices called

Poet’s commens:

The poem “if the Mudfoot grows cold” is a free-form poem that explores the concept of identity, reality, and perception. It presents a unique perspective on how individuals perceive themselves and their environment.

The poem opens with a beautiful image of a “tender feeling” that comes from a “dreaming seed.” The use of the word “dreaming seed” connotes the idea of an abstract concept that gradually develops into a tangible feeling. The next line, “and how cellophane is plastic and clear still,” creates an interesting contrast between the tangible and intangible. The use of the word “cellophane” and “plastic” implies that things can be both transparent and yet remain unchanging.

The third line, “and what she touches is me and not me,” presents an interesting perspective on identity. The use of the word “she” suggests an external force, a person or a thing that is capable of touching the speaker. The phrase “me and not me” implies that the speaker’s identity is not fixed but is instead shaped by external forces.

The following lines present a contrast between reality and dreams. The speaker describes “soaring within a deep dream” until “feelings are more than emotions.” The use of the word “soaring” and “climbing skies” create a sense of liberation and freedom, while “feelings are more than emotions” suggests that the speaker has transcended the limitations of everyday reality.

The lines “i fell as a brilliant bird and am was ever as i” suggest that the speaker has transformed into something else. The use of the word “fell” creates a sense of loss, while “ever as i” implies a continuity of identity.

The next few lines present a contrast between the physical and the abstract. The speaker describes the “skin crawls aways beyond a soul’s shore,” suggesting a disconnection between the physical body and the soul. The phrase “sidewalk gum under my shoe” and “tangerine tongue parched” present physical discomfort, while “overthought words inside my head” suggest an abstract discomfort caused by the mind.

The lines “i forget my humanity and shed my skin” and “leave my mouth upon a hydrant” suggest a complete detachment from the physical body. The use of the word “hydrate” creates a sense of purification, while “where children scream playing high” suggests a return to innocence.

The final lines of the poem present a contrast between reality and illusion. The speaker describes “incessant news on bright screens” and “sore thumbs pulling down dreams as demons laugh shriek.” These lines suggest that the speaker is bombarded with external stimuli that interfere with their ability to dream and create. The final lines “hatred of causes that cause pain of yellow, blue and pink bruises like uncomfortable unworlds” imply that the speaker is disillusioned with the world.

The use of the word “eternal fountain of afterlife” creates an interesting contrast between the ephemeral nature of life and the eternal nature of the afterlife. The final lines “thief crook cynic (incredibly high fragment of hell and heaven) is disembodied voices called trickstervillian” suggest that the speaker’s reality is shaped by external forces, and that their identity is constantly evolving.

Overall, the poem “if the Mudfoot grows cold” presents a unique perspective on identity, reality, and perception. The use of vivid imagery and contrasting ideas creates a sense of ambiguity that allows the reader to interpret the poem in their own way.


From youth to now, I’ve loved you true
My heart, captivated from the very first view

Your smile, a burst of sunlit bliss
And Cupid’s arrow struck, sealing love’s covenant

Through thick and thin, in joy and pain
My love for you has never waned

If you wish, I’ll wait a lifetime
My devotion for you will never decline

I’ll brave mountains, swim oceans wide
To be with you, my heart in full stride

For even if I lost you someday
Your name and love I’ll always pursue, come what may

I cherish the memories we made
Each moment, a gem in my heart’s keepsake

I love you forever and evermore
With all my heart, never to forget nor ignore

My soulmate, my heart’s compass and guide
Forever and always, right by your side

:: 03.04.2023 ::

Never Far Away

As you close your eyes, the world spins on,
A dance of light and shadow that carries on,
But worry not, my child, for you are safe with me,
In a world of love and warmth, where we’ll always be.

As memories of sunny days drift through your mind,
Of emerald bays and gentle winds that left us intertwined,
Let those moments fill you with joy and ease,
As we set sail into the night, with the stars as our keys.

Like a ship upon the sea, we’ll glide and sway,
Rocking gently to the rhythm of the waves at play,
And in this peaceful lullaby, I’ll whisper in your ear,
That you’ll always hold a special place, both near and dear.

For as you slumber, with the world spinning on,
Know that you are never far from my heart and soul,
A part of me that will always carry on,
A love that’s infinite, and forever whole.

:: 03.04.2023 ::


In this dream,

I wander through a tunnel ‘tween the streets,
The air as thick as all my misconceptions.
The gutters are gone, but fear still competes,
And passing lights bring brilliant orbs’ deceptions.

Across a cache of weapons, I now tread,
My feet among the others in the den
Of wolves who seek to know my soul instead,
And ask, “Who are you, dream walker?” Amen.

“Are you crazy?” one asks with scornful tone,
But I reply, “For reasons yet unknown.”
“Kill him,” says one with shifty eyes a-glow,
But I ask why, and hear, “He’s just a pig, though.”

“No,” I say, and then, “Do buffalos roam
Within my head?” Yes, I answer alone.

“Let him go,” says one with a softer voice,
And so they do, and I say with rejoice,

“I love you all, and please learn from this dream:
If you just follow orders, life won’t gleam.
So live a brilliant life, not one too tame,
Or soon the buffalos will trample your game.”

And as I wake from this dream full of grace,
I know that living boldly is my place.

:: 03.04.2023 ::

Poet’s Notes:

The poem “The Puzzle of the Buffalo” is a compelling and engaging piece that takes the reader on a journey through a dream-like state. The language used in the poem is descriptive and helps to create vivid images in the reader’s mind. The poem also explores themes of self-discovery, bravery, and the dangers of conformity.