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If love is time, I will be there someday.

Love, like time, can both bring joy and pain. I may be here and break your heart someday.

I feel overwhelmed by sorrow and the weight of the world.

Being myself is hard, and I find it difficult to say ‘I love you’ and risk getting hurt.

I struggle to express myself, but I want everyone to know that I love them.

My lungs are filled with love, but also sickness and darkness. I feel a connection with all those who have loved and lost.

I need to escape this dark place. Mister, I loved you.”

:: 03.30.2023 ::


hello i love you. 
nice we met.

Hey!  How these humans hate us
unborn babies.  

I said when i was born how people
ate the poison apple and never
forgave life — fascist fuckers
kissing cherub cheeks.

I formulated an embryonic
fluid feeling for the babies
not unborn motherfuckers.

Say we kill those alive so we
can live and have a chance
in this crazy world we’re born in?

Let’s strip them of their life
and turn the tables around?

Let’s make living a choice
and those BORN ALREADY we can

abort! say!  

Even if you have
Even if you need
I don’t mean to stare
We don’t have to breed

i care.

:: 10.17.2021 ::

The Beating Hearts

How happy are the solitary souls,
Who sow the sky in desert knolls,
Who seek the living ‘neath the breeze,
And chase the dreams that no one sees.

For they are salt of the earth,
Who find their joy in nature’s mirth,
And as they roam, their eyes alight,
With beauty hidden from plain sight.

The desert sings its lonely song,
As time screeches and ticks along,
But those who seek can find repose,
And love the words that no one knows.

The winged sun sheds its feathers bright,
And laughter fills the eternal light,
As the fennec darts beyond the dune,
And the mirage fades like a forgotten tune.

And though the rocks may lay in bed,
With silence echoing in their stead,
The fixed eye hovers alone,
Like the eagle soaring to its throne.

The snake may smother the rat’s last breath,
And death may steal the morning’s dew,
But those who seek can find their bliss,
In the wonderland of solitude.

Oh, how happy are the ones who see,
The world through eyes that dance and glee,
For they find meter in life’s great plan,
And love in the beating heart of man.

: 03.30.2023 ::

Everything Survives

UNIVERSE eating everything is beautiful
if it chooses your heart
for space-time is empty
and equations cold.

Everything | all smallest pieces
quantum foam and beyond
Love survives.

I wake up into this dream
inside my little head
i hear everything
and sad songs some
many of love lost
but my heart survives.

:: 03.30.2023 ::

White Cave Bone

Today i found a cave
of white bone
its my lonely head
how happy to be here
inside my head
outside is skin
outside is flesh
and highways
of blood


Evil Woman

HOW i met a bad bad woman
when i was upon my last breath
i was careless in a careless world
she promised me love and desired flesh
i came too because i gave it all

What i need is a wonderful prosecutor
because I loved more than i have in my heart

I know evil and loved her once
so help me and don’t make me deny it
i met an evil woman who took my heart
and ate it on a summer’s day
and now, this boy is broken, because she could

I’ve come to you for the guidance
I have no good defense and feel like a criminal
loving evil in beautiful skin

Heaven, help me from those who are fallen
angels and I keep living this day like
it’s a new day so cleanse me from the filth
called evil women.

:: 03.30.2023 ::

The City a Beast and Women Tigers

Well, have you heard about the Goo Goo Muck?
She’s a real cool chick and she looks so tough
Wearin’ silver studs and her hair’s all fixed
Ain’t no man got her, she’s the Goo Goo Muck

Well, you can look all night but you won’t ever find
A hair on her head or a speck of grime
She’s got a whole lot of rhythm in her soul
When she gets the rhythm, she can’t help but roll

She’s the Goo Goo Muck (x4)

Well, she walks through the streets in a neon dream
Her body’s a work of art, it’s a sight to be seen
She don’t give a damn about your foolish pride
She’s gonna strut her stuff and take you for a ride

Well, have you heard about the Goo Goo Muck?
She’s a real cool chick and she looks so tough
Wearin’ silver studs and her hair’s all fixed
Ain’t no man got her, she’s the Goo Goo Muck

She’s the Goo Goo Muck (x4)

:: 03.30.2023 ::