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Romance “O pourquoi donc” in E Minor, . 169 (Franz Liszt)

The notes they flutter in the breeze,
A tender melody that softly teases,
With each note, my heart it yearns,
For love that blooms and forever burns.

The strings they weep a mournful sound,
Echoes of passion that tightly bound,
My soul, my heart, to another’s gaze,
A love so deep it sets me ablaze.

The music whispers of a gentle love,
One that’s pure as the white dove,
A love that lasts through all the pain,
And brings us joy amidst the rain.

With each trill and every note,
My heart takes flight like a bird afloat,
On the winds of passion and sweet desire,
With flames of love that forever inspire.

So let the music fill the air,
And guide us to love that’s true and rare,
A love that lasts through all life’s tests,
And beats forever within our chests.

:: 03.15.2023 ::

Fourteen Days

Fourteen days have passed since you,
Took my heart and bid adieu,
Thunderclouds of sadness roll,
Applause of tears, I can’t control.

I saw myself in shattered glass,
My reflection twisted, a lass,
Picasso’s art, the shards in place,
A world turned upside down in space.

A purple brush, I took and ate,
Threw up on canvas, sealed my fate,
Cupid’s arrow, broken, lays,
Its victims left to mend their ways.

So to the garden, I retreat,
Among the Venus flytrap’s feet,
The leaves snap, a Bumblebee,
My wounded heart it stings with glee.

I couldn’t have met you, my dear,
Without this garden, I hold near,
My love and shyness, intertwined,
A fate like ours, hard to find.

These fourteen days, I’ll not forget,
Forever in my heart, a debt,
Even if I forget your face,
The memories of love embrace.

Someone called my heart “chained in hell,”
A word that stings, I know full well,
But I wish for time to explain,
My love, my heart, and all its pain.

:: 03.15.2023 ::

Death of Morning Revelations Bare

inthe.equisite; _ death of morning revelations bare >> ly i rode the chords of Life
among otherLittle roundtables SOUND: continues
the FRETS of my board burning appeggios
and scales I devoured iNg.the
(green Elysian fields of after-last breathing
i kept. ) BOOM boom.
rivulet hips
eyes that eat ME — let me by your side
c loud-glass Moon is a sight we eat
L cARVED smiles 🙂

perFUME skin-ed verbal mist-flowers

:: 05.25.2020 ::10 SECONDS

Just floating by
a beautiful world
some swim, some walk
and others drown
–like this child
of mine
Such a beautiful babe
eternity within your
iris’ while i feel i
sleep at the world
as we drive through
as we drove through
Another soul unattended
drove through us — what
then we became then
Just floating by a beautiful
world, some swim some walk
and others drown –
like this child of mine.
I am with you.
believe me.
as we dream.
all is peace.

:: 02-12-2019 ::


THE moments of dreaming
like a blink of an eye
and my tears so stormy
we can all see how they act;
walking and talking:
so mama maybe I said to you,
‘LOVE is tulips & marmalade skies’
you! and if nothing passes
(err, blows) the night
i kissed the One who waits for Me
& and close my eyes; just dreams
dreaming…and no more tears!

just skies of yellows and greens.

:: 04-30-2016 ::
rev: 08.09.2020 ::


Just a peck of you
smudge kissMouth
I ate a rose roughTO-
Night — and hunger
for that pink tongueWish
tied to the knot of my
ManHeart deeplyNeeds
wounded bleeding —
sillyMe drama loves
romantic scenes —
stay here UP on the
wooden lit stage —
when the curtain falls
falls Falling below
your knees — I
should say this…

:: 03.15.2023 ::

If and By Love of Music and Poetry

Oh Liszt’s “Ständchen” softly plays,
A melancholic tune that sways,
The piano’s voice sings with such grace,
As Schubert’s melody finds its place.

A romantic mood fills the air,
A bittersweet love that lingers there,
The notes ring out with heartfelt pain,
As Liszt’s variations sweetly sustain.

A tribute to Schubert’s tender song,
Liszt’s arrangement echoes strong,
A piano’s voice that gently weeps,
A haunting melody that never sleeps.

In “Ständchen,” we hear a tale,
Of love and loss that will prevail,
A small poem of beauty and grace,
That Liszt and Schubert forever embrace.

:: 03.15.2023 ::

A Light Upon The Dark Side of Me

Oh restless soul, adrift in the night,
With heavy heart and burdened sight,
Longing for truth in the depths of dark,
Answers to questions that leave a mark.

Oh tireless mind, eager to know,
In search of wisdom that ever flows,
A fire that burns, steadfast and bright,
Leading you through life’s endless fight.

Oh wanderer, on a path unknown,
With weary steps, but a heart that’s shown,
The journey ahead, winding and long,
But you move ahead with courage strong.

Oh seeker of truth, with eyes that see,
Beyond the veil of uncertainty,
Your spirit soars, unchained and free,
A treasure more precious than any fee.

Oh curious one, with open heart,
You’ll find the answers that set you apart,
From the crowd that’s lost in the fray,
For you have found the truth’s rightful way.

So take heart, dear friend, and never fear,
For the answers you seek are always near,
Just listen closely, with an open soul,
And the answers you seek will make you whole.

:: 03.15.2023 ::