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Love Letters # 1 & # 2

Love Letter #01

Oh angel of mine, my very being,
Why must we bear this sorrow so unseeing,
When necessity calls, can our love survive,
Without sacrifices, and all we derive.

Can we change the fact, you’re not wholly mine,
Nor am I wholly yours, it’s not by design,
Dear God, look at nature, so pure and true,
And let our hearts be still, as we must do.

Love demands everything, this we know,
And rightly so, for love to grow and show,
Soon we shall meet, and talk of the thoughts,
Of our lives and the love that it brought.

If our hearts were always one and the same,
I would have no thoughts of love’s great game,
My heart overflows with longing to share,
So much, so much, words cannot declare.

There are moments when speech is not enough,
But be cheerful, my love, and never rough,
Be my faithful and my only sweetheart,
As I am yours, and never be apart.

The gods will send all that must come our way,
Our fate is written, whatever they may say.

:: 10.16.1723 ::

Love Letter #02

Without you, life is different now.
People show kindness here and there,
Though I feel I don’t deserve it at all,
As if it’s a hollow tribute from one man to another.
It hurts me, especially when I think about
My place in the vast universe, and wonder
What am I, and what is that man called “the greatest”?
Yet, within us all lies something divine.

However much you love me, know that
My love for you is even greater.
Please never hide from me.
Good night, dear God. You feel so near yet so far.
Our love is founded in heaven,
Strongly cemented in the firmament above.

:: 11.01.1723 ::

The Music of Words

Viola: If love is God, then I have met Him in Glory.
Violin I: Oh lovely life, oh my love, I say I adore you.
Violin II: Tears weep from my mouth in all I feel, seeing you.
Cello and Double Bass:

My dear, I am honored to be here with you now.
The seasons were long, and suns came up and went
Silently beneath my wishes.
Oh, I saw you in the sparrow and the green, tallest grasses, my sweetest love.
And now, we are together!

The angels sing:

Oh, if love be but God, then Him in Glory
Have I beheld, my heart with joy alight!
Oh life, my love, thee do I adore,
All in thy gaze, my being takes delight.

Tears of purest joy, from lips that flow,
When thou art by my side, all feelings blend.
My sun, my soul, my guiding light, I know,
In thy presence, my being doth transcend.

Seasons pass, long and silent in their sighs,
As suns rise and set with every breath I take.
But in thy love, my sweetest wish now lies,
All dreams and hopes in thy embrace doth make.

In sparrow’s flight, and greenest grasses bright,
Thy presence I see, my heart’s true delight.

Together now, my dearest, forevermore,
Our love, a symphony that shall endure.

rev: 03.03.2023 ::

Love’s Dream

The moonlight shimmers on water’s edge,
A gentle breeze rustles through trees,
And in my heart, a melody’s born,
A song of love, that sets my spirit free.

The notes, like butterflies, take flight,
Dancing upon a breeze with grace and light,
A symphony of passion and delight,
That fills my soul with purest joy and might.

The world around me fades away,
as I am lost in the divine play,
A moment suspended in time and space,
A glimpse of heaven, in earthly place.

And in this moment, love’s sweet spell,
Enwraps me with a gentle swell,
the magic that I cannot tell,
But that my heart knows oh so well.

So let the melody linger on,
A tribute to love, forever strong,
And let its sweet, celestial song,
Guide us through life, where we belong.

:: 03.03.2023 ::

My Love, Once Before

Deep in my heart lies a pain so true,
A wound that never mends, a grief anew,
It never fades nor grants me rest,
A constant ache, that steals my best.

This shadow haunts me, day and night,
A specter of what once was in sight,
A memory that forever grieves,
A wound so deep, my heart bereaves.

A pain of loss, of love astray,
That cannot be healed, no matter how I pray,
But midst this agony, hope flickers bright,
A promise of tomorrow, a chance to make right.

Though this pain may never cease,
My heart may never find its peace,
I trust that love will find me once more,
And heal my soul, as it did before.

:: 03.03.2023 ::

Ordered Degree of Chaos

One hand clapping against storm cellar doors
Should never cause you to deny your own powers.

Mushroom clouds fall like tears from the sky,
Dusting minds with fragments that never quite die.

Neon fossils perch in a parched, thirsty land,
Pointing to signs both here and at hand.

The hungry, starved youth yearns for something more,
As chaos reigns and order is no more.

But through opened minds, the wheels still turn,
Like curving windmills that never seem to burn.

Mental collisions create scratches and scars,
As rough as life itself, as beautiful as art.

Death and data flow as smooth as a stream,
While atheists and scientists ponder and dream.

Does a falling tree make a sound on its own?
And can we truly connect with the great unknown?

Hello, black void, with no answer in sight,
So we avoid the questions that plague us each night.

:: 03.02.2023 ::

All Our Dreams

That broken wheel, without a carriage or passenger,
whose journey is seen by most unreal eyes.

In that glimpse of forgotten reason,
you came to me as a good idea.

Begging my sleeping brain to be yours,
but the permanently attentive mind
could never yield.

So be it, in all our dreams
I am, the one who sees all four seasons.

:: 3.02.2023 ::

Hitman Jesus

He mounted his donkey, brushed its shoulder with his hand,
Sighed and whispered, “God bless this land.”
He woke up and laughed at the absurdity of it all,
Knowing that his fate was sealed, destined to fall.

“Jesus? What’s your name?” came a voice in the night,
“Just passing through, not here to start a fight.
But what can I do for you?” he asked with a grin,
Unaware of the deadly game about to begin.

The request was simple, yet gruesome and dark,
To prove their loyalty, they had to leave a mark.
“You have to kill a man, he’s already dead,” they said,
Jesus was bewildered, but he couldn’t back out now, instead.

As they made their way to the victim’s home,
A voice boomed, “Don’t do this, you’ll be alone!”
Threats and warnings filled the air,
As the tension rose, no one seemed to care.

But Jesus couldn’t ignore the voice in his head,
As he lit up a cigarette and watched in dread.
The voices died down, leaving only silence behind,
The weight of their plan heavy on his mind.

As another voice warned him of the impending doom,
Jesus realized he was just a pawn in this gloom.
He questioned the purpose, but it was too late,
He had to follow through, succumb to his fate.

The night grew colder as he watched them go,
Knowing deep down, it was his soul they’d sold.
He sat there alone, staring into the night,
Wondering if there was any way to make things right.

:: rev – 03.02.2023 ::