Daily Archives: March 22, 2023

Silver Moon


See?  I was walking.  A baby with tiny feet.
So cute.  Where ever i choose again.
Rain love from women.  Nothing but hugs
in big breasts smothered i knew.
I was the one with nothing but love
and I don’t know what it means.


Love hates whores.  The sound is true.
Listen in a field of flowers singing
they turn their petals for you.
Yeah, the moon is silver until it
sees the love bestowed upon you.
like to sing shoot but know what it means


We can have more?  No, cause nature as
a whore says you are not worthy of me
and they say earth and soil shoots her
squirt in the face of offenders

You know what it means.  


HATE ME tell me i am dead
Wait now, until i’m here
Dread love, say it again
Love you — when i’m here

Love me because
i’m Jesus’ child
i’m not the only one
i’m not the only one

Taste me
tell me i;m honey
like a buzz’d bee
stinging you
waking you alive

Rape my Soul
Suck my silver cord
lick me again
waste me angel again

I was the only one
I was the lovely one
Hive me my mind
waste me again

Bee buzz bite
taste me again
i’m Jesus’ chld
kill me again

Love me
Lick my honey again
tell me i’m lovely
taste my honey
stinging you
so lick me bee
buzz bite me

:: 03.21.2023 ::

A Marriage of True Minds

Love, a pure and steadfast force,
Has not within its heart remorse,
Nor does it sway with changing tide
Or bend when sorrows do abide.

Love is the compass of the soul,
That guides us through life’s endless shoal,
A star that shines both bright and clear
Even when storms and tempests near.

Though Time may wither youth and grace,
Love endures, a constant trace,
And bears all things to the very end,
Beyond the realm where earth does blend.

If my words are false and unwise,
Then let my tongue be silenced, and my pen despised.

:: 03.21.2023 ::

I Too I Do

I too, i do.
How love flitters
away from lost souls
beyond heaven
away from dreams too.

My love, the love,
that died by words
and actions so cold

i do, and did,
do die

forgiving fear
within this loving

:: 03.21.2023 ::

How Love Knows No One

How love knows no one
Why imagine it
when we kill
and die for all
religion and politics

That we never get it
but the world turns
we without precious
posessions or brother-
hood or sisters

we cry and we’re not
like everyone

We believe
and leave our yesterdays
as shadows hanging over
beating hearts

i say there’s something

When we were younger
and loved playing games
i say now there’s something

And how we need a place
to hide away.

:: 03.21.2023 ::