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From Ancient Lands

From the ancient lands of Mesopotamia,
A story of friendship and love,
Of a king and a wild man, united,
In adventures that took them above.

Gilgamesh, the mighty king of Uruk,
A man of strength and fame,
But with a fear of death that haunted,
And a longing to escape that claim.

Enkidu, the wild and free spirit,
Born of the earth and wild,
A being of raw, untamed power,
Who was destined to be exiled.

But fate had other plans in store,
As Gilgamesh and Enkidu met,
And a friendship was born that day,
That nothing could ever forget.

Together they battled fierce monsters,
And faced the perils of the unknown,
Their bond growing stronger with each step,
Their love like a seed that was sown.

Yet even in victory, Gilgamesh,
Could not escape the fear in his heart,
The fear of death that loomed above,
And threatened to tear him apart.

So he set out on a quest for answers,
To find the key to eternal life,
But in his journey, he learned a truth,
That cut through the pain like a knife.

For he realized that life is a gift,
A precious and fleeting thing,
And that true happiness lies in love,
And the joy that it can bring.

And so, with Enkidu by his side,
Gilgamesh returned to his land,
A wiser and humbler man,
With a heart that had been re-manned.

The Epic of Gilgamesh, a tale of love,
Of friendship that will never die,
A reminder that in this journey of life,
It’s the love we share that will help us to fly.

:: 03.11.2023 ::

Again Hate Me

Hate me, do it again Some have faith, some scream Some weep, some complain High priest of pain, extreme

Forgive me, I say If you’re the organ of love Desecrate the arts Push and shove

My heart doesn’t match you It’s buried deep beneath the sea I don’t want to know you Fame and fortune can’t sway me

Taste me, watch me Brush strokes and colors chosen Canvas of life, set free I’m unique, not a token

I was once a little pupil In a galaxy far from here Centered upon humanity My choices may seem unclear

I don’t care, I don’t worry I don’t break a sweat When love is perfect, no hurry Unless I paint it, it’s not set

So hate me, do it again Shame me, if you must I won’t bend, won’t pretend My truth, I trust

:: 03.11.2023 ::

Sometimes Friends

In our time, amidst the turmoil of our hearts,
a symphony of screams, moans, and chants,
resounds with the claim that life and love are one.

Yet lurking within the fabric of time,
an insidious force preys upon the good,
leaving nothing but the kiss of death.

Even our closest allies can become shades,
reaching out with skeletal hands,
intent on pulling us into the abyss.

Thus, I beseech the divine for strength,
pleading for survival and continued life,
praying to the endless twilight for salvation.

I’ve strung ropes from tower to tower,
festooned panes with garlands, and draped
golden chains from star to star, all while dancing.

Now unshackled, I can die alone,
or perhaps find someone to share a meal,
for in the end, it’s all up to us.

:: 03.10.2023 ::