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[even i could not speak
to those called, “Them.”]

so Now! (*)Dogs of war (+)and
men of hate
,so they come!
\and All it’s courtesy just
flesh and bone
which may crush so does hope
life & eventually Love
if not prepared./

:: 11-07-2016 ::

cheat sheet: (*) Act 3, Scene 1, line 273,
William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.
(+) Dogs of War, Pink Floyd. A Momentary Lapse of Reason


manipulate my brain damage my connection

i’m your lonely patient like burning liars in

a blanket of ash

so perturbed by my mind you remove

parts of my heart-brain and the voices stop

and i’m so comforted by my loss, of mind;

and i’m so relieved

by the loss of my life;

it creates a circular lesion within my brain

:: — 08-05-2016 — Rev: 11-01-2016 ::


sweet fields of tender lies
so softly shining above me
a bird singing in a moonbeam
tears in eyes and dry lips
wishing while alone
i am so blue i see
others talk about god
but never my own – a pity
so sweet is He he says
‘leave all your worries
behind you’
a sweet soliloquy for
my heart and all tomorrows

:: 09-04-2015 ::