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I saw a rock hit the abode
and oceans swayed below
only sky remained dried
this my friend, deceased
showed a decade ago
And fires that burned
an Earth, opened hungry
that gapping mouth for life
and fear fed Judgment

:: 03-01-2014 ::


Should I skip a tulip upon
the face of death so elegantly
the horror or pleasure being
release of state or satisfaction
that tethers are cut to flow
above the skies of blue release
Human flesh I sing-weep for you
the perfection incased in beauty
Lower lips cascading tear-love
most souls sweep into the sea
but your love floats a heaven

:: 03-03-2014 ::


I marched in place
of Father Time
this did I
for me and you
that He would run
is not like me
a casual stroll for all
toward Eternity

:: 03-02-2014 ::


(c) E.P. Robles 2012

Woman, I gave to thee
not more than what I am, —
a mere taste of eternity
the breath of imperial love
gently i laid before thee

The heart has no eye, yet —
some believe ocular
that what they see is more
but my love is a tiny thing
and great power so granular

:: 02-10-2014 ::


THE VOID began its journey
before the Word spoke
and into light one begat the other
a universal echo of laughter
Our stage is not one alone
but a platform for a world
of souls here and beyond
Attentively they watch the play
so learn your words my dear
the performance of a lifetime
that we may give the audience
that which it has paid in full

:: 02-01-2014 ::


LISTEN to not my words
but the thrumming beat
within my chest
it speaks to you
and in between
those solid beats
an eternity I wait
just to kiss you

:: 01-26-2014 ::


OH tides that pull
and take me away
rapturous bliss
into that ocean
I go so peacefully
upon the jetsam
and heavenly flotsam
Such shoreless waters
permit me loving kisses
forever embraced
by the hottest blood
of that vast sea


THIS night below
a brilliant moon
who knows the fate
of romantic fools
No longer am I
here or there —
only with you

As night falls
sweet passion rises
twilight winks below
a dividing line
of sky and mother earth
I do pursue your flower
and kiss your mouth
and taste a fragrance
so sweet of tulips
and the wind sweeps songs
upon my tender heart

We’ve frozen time
So slowly slip
beyond the reach
of mortality
Above the skies
— into eternity
two spirits as one
we fly