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Oh humanity sang to me
a dream of vanilla beans
a toxic stream of caffeine
surrealism caught a train
and zebras smiled alone
undulating umbrellas
spinning backwards
Mori Tower swayed
earthquakes moved
UFOs over LA too
and my politician
his name GOD died
and in that place
a sucking sound
filled by Patriots
who cocked their guns
and Buffalos grinned
babies cooed a boo
I’m crying so hard
Ice cream melting
but my car runs
and I’m moving
the landscape too
we crawl across
beautiful lands
but now its cool
not like commercial
shit floats now
and death sinks
good thing yeah
a rearview mirror
is Godsend too

:: 04-14-2014 ::


weird PEOPLE watching
defenseless dreaming
knowing my weakness
carefully retreating
I am just a piece
of angel meat wishing
to fall back into my
soft heaven birth trap
A perfect costly costume
high heels and gloss lips
but zombies love decay
and my heart is a dead
fish swimming when dead
I saw the salmon run
dead gill fish moving
Mother nature so cold
but your hug is warm
and tree and animal love
the strength you exude
Love me strong female
show us girls what to do
we bleed across horizons
and days and years too
ageless pain and suffer
for life and nature too

:: 04-13-2014 ::


I shed my tears
and night skin
that moon too
and all along
lonely voices
sing to me

“You filthy child
born of poverty
what good are you”

I hung my head
and shoved along
followed my tears
gutters love pity
but angels sang
“lovely one, child…”

Oh, love come soon!
a gentle hand is good
but the eye of pity
burns through my soul!
I am a little boy
and children hurt too

I wither in denial
and alone, what are tears
if my love is ignored
what is a poor child to do
if my smiles are ignored
humanity has many hearts…

one to love
another to hate
then again —
the killer is you
and my blood
drips from your hands

Oh, love deny
the beasts in life
and gather here
within my lonely heart
a kiss from heaven
mother-love come soon

:: 04-13-2014 ::


THE human heart


but a FLOWER

has never waged



This is the last kiss
a memory yet to burn
those souls who regret
a hand played badly
What was it you said?
“life is a game played”
such words you’ll regret
when your life crumbles
I knew the verdict
when I saw you walking
toward me not looking
and my heart shattered
too many pieces to gather
and your words destroy me
“life is a game played”
When the sky falls
I crumble into pieces
and your soul too
one day will burn
when you remember
the heart you destroyed

:: 04-10-2014 ::


and what of that desire
a pouring rain,

from the heavens, fall
through the funnel skies —
a splatter upon my roof

slanted tiles stacked.  Yet,
another journey in the fall

a figural shaped as my heart
your tears seep into me that

ground of my spirit
a split

thunder-lightning show my face

from a celestial eye came tears

as an arrow

— my own eyes

that target

your tears pierced into
that countryside haven
and found your home
within my lonely soul
i kiss the tears
that bare your fire

:: 04-09-2014 ::


Tenderly, I touched
a garden unattended
that heart a field
bleed the seasons
across those crops
I missed but loved
my dear nature-love
what more of you
that the sun took
my youth and skin
I worked your soil
and sweat soul toil
for you I work
those vast fields
You produce bounty
such graceful crops
and I kiss your soil
and eat your fields
My muscle — your love

:: 04-08-2014 ::


So lady my gem
if i should say
what heavenly hymn
would your angel
unfurl her wings
a stimulation
God’s sensation
not too worry
He built it in
and I would take
that perfect bliss
lips need lips
and i have some
Fingers searching
there I find you
between those tears
and your eyes
I am not just love
but Cupid’s son
and I know love
it’s my burning fire
and my testimony
Love is the greatest
that greatest Truth

::  04-08-2014 ::


is that chatterbox
a birdsong in morning
and softly whispers
incessantly at night

:: 04-07-2014 ::

THE CALLING CARD (19th Century)

MY calling card you touched
a heavy stock and rough
that dream in stocking
those days a top hat
and knickers as much
the rules of etiquette
distribute upon my visits
that servant received
the card upon silver tray
and you would accept
my calling that day
if away that servant
would save my calling
and return I would —
another day
unless you sent to me
a card in envelope
and I would know then
a cold brush-off today
Such eloquence is lost
a great manner extinguished
but rare be the man today
that keeps tradition
a respect for women

:: 04-04-2014 ::