Daily Archives: November 16, 2013

Between Language and Thought

Why do we
struggle for words
When the feelings
are clearly present?
An incongruity
between language
and thought.
To recover I say
allow the moment
to express itself
in manifested emotion;
A laugh, tears, smile or kiss.

Some things are best left

:: – ::


When you took off your cloths…
my heart bloomed like flowers
Your eyes like petals unfolded
South whispers quaintly
to the violin in my heart
Crescendo cuts my veins

So we lay down
the last time
Legs entwined and heat
so searing
My smile a portal
to the pouring rain

Steel and gray
You never betray me
Steel and gray
Your rain burns through me

Oh aged scrapbook so yellow
frayed edges still cut deep
Acidic ink bleeds through me
And there you were – smiling
in the photo of us
by the bay

The grim reaper hid
beneath the waves

Still tragedy beneath
veneer beats
bicuspids grind —
my soul flatly
Canine waves pierced
my lover apart

Still a tragedy
after all these years
Barely dry blood
oh enormous feelings
I’m crying in the
rain of steel and gray

Steel and gray
You never betray me
Steel and gray
Your waves burns through me