Daily Archives: November 30, 2013


ONCE again, as night falls
and I quiver from the pain
of absolute lonlieness
my heart races toward
unseen places —
where do I go
to find that place
where broken hearts
die alone
I fear —
fear the answer
such is my mind
to realize —
in death we gain
the love we lost



WHETHER the floating begins at night
or surprises my heart within the day
my floating rises above the skies
and always ends with you at my side

So very gentle is the lift —
that soft and warm nudge at the start
its honey and thick and warm — like your heart
we float above and away with all its brought

I’m floating away
away with you
floating inside
the love of you

We’re soaring so close
close to the sun
it’s flames embracing
our souls as one



YES it is so very tender
fragile to the touch
what a breath could break
but somehow — I do not know —
with you I trust

So tread so softly upon my heart
tip-toe across emotions like a ghost
and always remember this the most —
love is indestructable but not my heart


I PACE my life in measured stride
and face my strive — pleasure aside
and though I know the pain of love
it soothes the ache within my soul