Daily Archives: November 20, 2013


BROKEN video
Instagram friend
Twitter fiend
Bring to me
Flesh and bone

Tag this — fuck you
Like me — diss you
Scream forget you
Lick my like bitch

Plastic hopes
Drop the soap
Really now…
Don’t you know

Forget me now
Photo dope
Living shallow
Hello?  Hello?  Hello?



I dreamed a dream more real than reality
and found myself in a universal library
towers of shelves and gossamer in the air

The binding of a book stories above
caught my eye and I begged to see
a ball of light provided safe flight

Together we ascended the storied columns
ages untold past my path too many to know
and at last I was eye to eye with this book

I asked the light if this was the book
to know and read to know it all
She said to read one was to read them all

So I read from front to back and in between
the mysteries of the universe unraveled
and I knew the story of the One and All

With this knowledge I can make wrong right
and cast away the blight of all human ill
the light said no, you will not remember

Still, I begged, a morsel of truth be taken
to my world to better society and cure ill
the light said each path must work the till

I woke this night with a startle and saw
the Book from this vision and begged to see
but the pages were all blank before me
— // —


WHITE LINE – dance within my mind
twisting a mix of fear and love
bubble gum thoughts of sticky pain

Grab your shoes – wear your pain
like stilettos how much it hurts
All  you see is the beauty of it

The puzzle of love fits so nice
But a broken heart takes its time
to put the pieces all back together
            — // —