Daily Archives: November 24, 2013


YESTERDAY was a wet sorrow fallen from a leaf
and I picked up the pieces of your broken heart
I thought a skip or two from the hip of my heart
would correct the limp of your soul and spirit
Now you, my friend, have serious damage of life
(I commend the spirit of your endeavor lover)
But now I refrain from the flame of destruction
but love the teeter-totter of fatalistic love
(hush my love just bite the lip of fate for us)
and now my shoes have lost their sole —
and souls of those that walk without so much
begin to regret the price of one-for-two
Pretty woman…(yes my love) pretty woman
I cannot deny the love that keeps my orbit
Pretty women…(so my love?) pretty women
I run in circles trying to find your reason
run I do when my lungs collapse from denial
Let my sorrow burn the fields of flowers
from your maddening sickness in this season


COLORS of confetti and streamers of dreams
won’t you let me taste your joyous laughter
I have a machine so shiny and wondrous
let me land it here and enjoy your city

What would your world say if I spoke hello
shatter economies — making it harder for the Pope
The message I want to give goes against the grain
So I have to say just flow with the moment – I’ll go

But I want to stay for a while
and spread my love to the world
but remember I do what you did —
to the last one who landed here


When the wind bites the heart of that lonely lover
and the living have gone to bed and escape into dreams
you walk that empty wet path on Bourbon Street
away from jagger eyes slacken smiles the blues pull you in
Mother, should you have killed me
the winds wouldn’t be biting now
I want to climb back into that time
reverse the walk and bleeding talk

Confused child where do you come from?
I come from a land so far away from here
my ticket says, “From the deep beyond”

Won’t you take me back
To that land from beyond
I want to spread a lot of love
Wont’ you take me back
To that land from beyond
I have something to tell you

So I take that walk again — beer stained stones
sultry notes of blue and pain filling the air
And I don’t mind your bite anymore mistress wind
the pain is better than the kiss of empty death


what spell you casting now
Caught your third eye
last night in a deep dream
I was floating on a cloud
watching the wheels turn round
You gonna spread your charm
across the horizon like atomics
I just want to catch your charm
and wear it on my neck chain —
burn a hole thru my heart
and into that deep thriving soul