Daily Archives: November 10, 2013


Cupid:  The injuries are just too devastating…
ME:  Will I live?  I can still feel my heart
Cupid:  I don’t know, sweet one.
Me:  But I wanted her so much!
Cupid:  Yes, I know…but you NEVER listen to me!
Me:  But I followed my heart!
Cupid:  No, you did not…
Me:  Then, what was IT???
Cupid:  You followed your lust, which never pans out in the end.


YOU took me — away
from all of this
madness today
   just to say that…

You know me
and want much more
from my heart
   just feed on the sores

I’m upside down now
inside and out of sound
follow the broken notes
   killing time to save mind

I’m upside down now
without sound and rhythm
sing to me in drifts of motes
   riffs twisting minor notes


IT was upon the burst of autumn
    those explosions of colour
when your spirit and body
    seeped into my empty soul
Autumn, the second spring for me now
    my heart — a blooming flower
My soul before your grace embraced
    a bare branch against the wind
N’ver believing this river again would flow
    frozen before I met your lovely face
So delicious your autumn spring of spice
    each bare leaf a swollen flower
I tremble in your presence as you sway
    upon my rock this and every day
                     — // —


THIS confession brings me
    immense tingling pleasure
when words collide upon my skin
    releasing all my tension
the greatest lover is such prose
    finding it I am much disposed
where are you the woman who kisses words
    she devours the lore of my heart
insane…insanity clearly shadows my self
    asking for the one alone in life
who trembles within a thimble of keys
    upon a screen – a fire above my knees
                      == // ==


IN our need to ration
preparedness for death
none prepares us more
than the little death
which we call orgasm


LAST night I awoke
within my dream
nothing seemed wrong —
at least for me
I lived a full life
while visiting you see

and many years did past —
one day I fell to sleep
when I awoke again
I still remained
my wife of years
by my side hugging me

winter came so many
years henceforth
wrinkled and aching
my bones screamed
but my wife did not awake
so she remained

my last sleep
I clearly remember —
a dream so deep
that when I again awoke
I found myself alone
with youth and just a dream
— // —

LOVE (iii)

LOVE does not exist
within parenthical quotes
But life does thrive
in an exclamation mark!



There at the bottom of my soul’s pit
was a nameless thing that moved
the proximity of this horror
to my heart made me leave my skin


WE met at the local coffee shop
and I told you the romance was over

You choked at first then cried some tears
and said that you had ALREADY LEFT ME

I walked away and did not look back
You were crying and so very alone

On the way home I saw a wreck —
No survivors the police said to me

I saw your car — then realized your words
Within the carnage of twisted metal there you were
and had been dead for hours…

:: 11-10-2013 ::


YOU met my heart along the rim
of Vesuvius — that night we shared
sangria and fell in love

like a fragrance within my heart
you changed the tone to light from dark
nothing but violins and a silky night

storms and turmoil came too soon for us
floods, ice, winds and tidal waves
nature kissed us goodbye in her own way

hours into days and months into years
showers in may and oceans of tears
fate twisted chance one particular day

We politely said hello in a hollow way
you bit your lip – I coughed a heart
our shadows dance for lost tomorrows

I saw what I had you knew what I saw
You saw what I was — I knew the cause
love remains but so do the scars

WE met in disgrace along our own way
you said goodbye — I said so long
now we regret more than silly words
                    — // —