Daily Archives: November 25, 2013


TO the beautiful woman
in blue and white —
apple bite smiles
— butterfly lash
from far flung land
of beaches so white
Your smile caught
in perpetual delight
i devour the pearl
of your eyes —
slender kiss finger
let me embrace the rays
of your eternal fire


THIS night below
a brilliant moon
who knows the fate
of romantic fools
No longer am I
here or there —
only with you

As night falls
sweet passion rises
twilight winks below
a dividing line
of sky and mother earth
I do pursue your flower
and kiss your mouth
and taste a fragrance
so sweet of tulips
and the wind sweeps songs
upon my tender heart

We’ve frozen time
So slowly slip
beyond the reach
of mortality
Above the skies
— into eternity
two spirits as one
we fly


When the sky cries who do you think of
and the wind moans —
like the hearts of the lonely

I was flying on a carpet
but the floor moved with me
and the birds in the window
sang —

you can take me with you
— take me with you
just don’t clip my wings

Hey child of unborn love
whose shadow bleeds crystal light
and walks in the sun during night

This road has to end up somewhere
around the bend — beyond the curve
where the birds build their nests

And the birds in the window sing
— you can take me with you
just don’t clip my wings

Feathers are made to soar and I —
live above the clouds in the wind
Come with me — live and love my dove


DIFFERENT is what I believe to be
Quirky — misunderstood some see
A calico pattern of thoughts in
blue whale song of cold waters
Tripping on my schizotypal personality

Internal glee || stay with me!

So elastic time stretch my focus
A pinprick thought — hocus pocus
Birth pangs for creative acts

Cognitive disinhibition stay with me ||



IT was with untimely fashion
disaster found it’s way–
my hiding to no avail
it held my hand tightly
I –no choice — followed
Rain falls, sun shines…
the moon glows —
and human hearts