Daily Archives: November 29, 2013


MY reproduction of love
so precise in detail
your sister distorted
intentionally ordered

Some say you are a fake
but truth becomes your right
in hyperreal distortion
I claim you as my own

Millennium have tried
to reproduce true nature
but in my century of pose
such claims took hold

Sorrowful metallic tears unfold
— facing naked prejudice
life is complete! — besides
composition of carbon or steel

You live but don’t breath
and eat but don’t thirst
and sleep but don’t dream
complete me you complete you

Some have asked a famous line:
do androids dream
of electric sheep
yes and more — such is love


THAT southern air
and voices in the moss
where damp shadow feeds soil
for the small things
on the muddy banks of bayou
— such girls bask in the humid sun drink
that softens the glare

Gently floating pirogues
gliding through brown-green
waters —
some fisherman smiles at taunt fishing lines
oh majestic tragic enchanted world — sings Canjun
although high-tech peppers the air and ground
her spirits remain above and below and evenly round

Sunrise greets
those wonderous
Great Egrets —
gliding on golden light
and sunsets bring
such mysterious
to vibrant hearts


WE do not know why death grips the soul
in our innocence we play-tell — a know
but in our beds within a dark room
we fear the answer even though it hides
Why does truth cower in darkness —
like a beacon of light it should guide our path
but when it comes to the big ending — it hides
So I confess that such a thing as death —
is more a coward than the littlest of man
And that being such as it is my faint hearted ones
in truth we tower above the darkness that engulfs us
and the light within is a greater truth than death


I CHANCED upon an exquisite
puzzle one day
it was tiny in size
and easy to touch
I didn’t want to
figure it out
but just to hold
I turned it this way
–that way
–anyway it would move
and at times interlocking
pieces would come and go
eventually I closed my eyes
and relied on touch and faith
and found it much easier
to navigate —
life is such that way



A TIDE swells
like love or fear
— excavate an
emotional trench
like prophylactic
or shield
we place our heart
in that bastille