Daily Archives: November 14, 2013


Dazing confusion
mellow illusion
sensual disconnect
from all confusion
passionate pleas
for a divine release

yin-yang dispute —
balance flesh destroy
spirit repair

I walk between
stream and particle
you say yes – no

multitude confusion
pattern skips
cognitive dissonance

Animal power – persuades
light beacon – leads —
in the end we meet


Substrate life
peel me off
two dimensional
flat as death

Shadows know
Flat gray cold
Creeping thin
Seeping soil

Entwined mesh
Worm life – life
Photon scare
Haphazard beware

Women – line segment
Polygonal men
Perfection in circle
Monarches laughing

Spaceland so laughable
Feed me knowledge —
but not nonsense!
Monarchs beware

Those awakened — scare
Third dimension – beware!
Imprison or kill…
Protect – status quo


ONCE UPON this day in a matter of seconds
Under this bright white sun I chanced to dream
Just minding my mind and nothing more – was it a dream?

With  deep blue skies and no device in hand
there came a lady across the far away
And she whispered something  into my ear

Take me away — from this cloud
Don’t you wait – do it now
Take me away – it’s too loud
Don’t you wait – do it now

I couldn’t understand what it meant
Her oval eyes so full of light
And a touch of electricity in the air

She came to me on a silver plate
Thru a hole within the sky
Glimmering light beyond all time

And she yelled…

Take me away — from this cloud
Don’t you wait – do it now
Take me away – it’s too loud
Don’t you wait – do it now

I tried to open my eyes but then realized
the dream was not imagined but here and now
delusion skipped town — it left me profound

She touched my face and between the seconds
I saw an eternity of a different place
full of war and hate much like here

And she yelled…

Take me away — from this cloud
Don’t you wait – save me now
Take me away – it’s too loud
Don’t you wait – do it now
— // —


A STOLEN moment
from god tears my
soul asunder

Reveling folly between
the epic battles
we cherish

Love, pain,
death and birth
that colors humanity

The fire
and destruction
shape our destiny

Flesh and blood
the currency of
this world

An unseen audience
watches from the
hidden dimensions…

We are
the grand theater
for all angelic creatures!

They marvel at our
strength to struggle
in bodily form

The isolation is
unbearable and manifests
in disease

We, the true Kings
and Queens
teach the heavens…

We teach what is compassion
and true evil
in broad strokes

And save the God-head
from Eternal oblivion



LITTLE dove who loves the skies above
beneath your wings I bring your knees
We smother each other in bed for days

Satin white betrays the deed of love
Compassion demands the brute in me
I take and you give — we share in need

Human nature constricts the deed
in words and concepts it describes
and takes away the element of nature

We lock our eyes on each others soul —
smell, touch, sweat, and deep desire
and release the spark that makes us


I’m looking for
the right
words but
meat language
is limited…


The measure of a man — not in his salary
In fact his currency is determined in fortitude…
pain and diversity being the true benchmark of maturity

The bedrock of conviction in his determination of decision
disallows the change of course by those who shout and defer
He is the oak tree that stands after torrential rains and wind

The measure of a man — not in height or fashionable wear
His walk tells the tale in sure stride and measured steps
Each footfall a thunderous testimony of his path in life

To those that know him praise the undying conviction of life
represented by his acts of compassion for love of family
God is his anchor and his ship sails the vast ocean of ‘Now’

The measure of a man — not in his house nor his title
but the little ones that gather at his feet at day’s end
and a loving woman that understands she is his reason to live


So many
Unrelated obsessions


Happiness is not predicated
upon him saying, “Yes”
but rather, you accepting
his response…


Be courteous of others
While you steal your dreams
from the bank of life