Daily Archives: November 11, 2013


KILL me first
then gently kiss me
give birth to my reason
then erase all my meaning

tell me you really care
while you burn away my dreams
tread softly upon my reasons
while stabbing my tender heart

but never say you hate me
nor lie to my ears while I sleep
just hug me with your sharp talons
and on the morning gently bury me


LIFE is static save the canvas
it rolls and tosses across
the spectrum of all our souls


I SAW an older soul today — by grace
a withered hand across the face
and lines that told stories of chance

And in the eye of the ancient one
a glimmer of youth betrayed such age
the soul is ageless beyond congeniality

Must we all be dead before we’re born
As pity holds no truth against reality
We sour in youth and sweeten with time


HAVE regret for nothing by words
If south were North then Heaven would burn
Instead the heart should ponder the mouth
Lest words could cut the cords of souls


EXISTENCE is a fractal
whose depth is defined
by the intelligence
of the bearer


A sensation greeted
a feeling today…
One could see —
the other could judge

Soon they became bored
If it could ever be so
And off they went
to find ego


IN MY sleep I saw your face
as though in my waking hours
when I saw your face
and knew it could not be
that this feeling was a dream
something imagined or unreal
You were riding upon Glory
a horse I called after a mother
whom had died centuries ago
and within my heart I saw you go
across the fields of wheat like gold
braided hair and rosy skin
An air of nobility across your face
and in the misty distance lay a castle
something strong and solid in stance
Across from which appeared a moat
and then you called, when you turned your head
a name called Chace…and I went
Trotting across the swaying fields
and below a flowing waterfall
Glory drank upon the dancing stream
as we gathered moss and petal for bed
there, in heaven’s domain we embraced
and bonded against a song from angel’s breath


I dreamed of love within my dream
So quietly I did for fear
That the powers of darkness
Might steal my love

Within my dream you were there
My love you were there
No other beauty can compare

Together we shared this fear
And vowed to keep our hands
Entwined now and forever more

And now I am awake my love
And darkness is kept at bay
The warmth of your kiss still alive


I WALKED into darkness
and she embraced me
all the while her eyes
kept looking for weakness

I stayed for a while
and shared a cup of tea…

But politely told her
that I could only stay
for 4 or 5 years
and not a day more –

you see…

it was enough for her
if enough for me

On the last day darkness wept
to lose a friend
but I embraced her cold hands
and kissed her lips
and said I loved her melancholy

but must leave to live


I DON’T pretend to know the true reasons…   
for your painless and untimely passing
Perhaps it’s a choosing of your very own…   
from birth to life and gold crested tomb
Your blood flows through the Nile   
in blue scarf and flowing lace   
a scarab traces your fingertips
I don’t intend to shift the drifting sands   
that pulse within this great desert land   
the bitterness of your love is sweet and dry   
A baked nectar in sun-drenched skies
The desert rose has fallen ill   
a pale rider grins and rings the bell   
And crimson ozone burns and smells   
As moisture beads glisten in hell
You were the Queen of Egypt in my land   
untold lovers you slept with now lay in sand   
But the gods of love and war now smile in peace   
Since you’ve turned cold from a Blue Nile death