oh life come   voices  to voice
oh lip to lip i smell citrus skin
oh well oh well hello
if i’m entertainment a lifetime of wisdom
it’s so me so assured i am a word with
little voiceMouth girl so dangerous i’m a
criminal in containment a dirty word hello
a sprite of air and blood; blessed is what
moves on and on and hello hello, i’m so well!
well! yea!  it’s been ‘hello’  a while so
hell on hell no i’m a weak girl yea yeah yea
you know:  acting stupid gave you a cold bed
YEAH!  yeah.  i saw you when i drove by
the highway (until hello i know hello) and you
looked dead //i forget while i taste
a smile of another well, well, never mind
oh hell oh well dammit i’m swell
i feel so stupid
feel so angelic
hello hell o’ hell
and i love my dreams
eating your soul
yeah–thighs spread
and there i found the sun
in a beautiful flesh of
my oh my oh my yeah
oh  yeah oh yeah oh yeah
oh  yeah oh yeah i love you!
a libido of fresh flowers
so hard to find that men
die trying and women oh
women try — birth, menstrual
pain and we hate each other
the feeling feelings feeling
feelings feel how we live
 — it’s a short block to the next
stop so drop a coin in the slot
oh shit i think life smells like skin
like me

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