Daily Archives: August 11, 2015


i picked a flower like your heart
yes, the forest is the madness
of the hemorrhaging lotus of filthy
memories //the brave love sits
upon the stairs to the stars
and the five pink heads of
African girls have come back
from Paris, sitting at the table
of poker with burning bushes
of uprooted leaves swinish;
love drawn into madness
like a bee facing tunnel death
all i see is all i say
you’re invited
you’re invited
large neck giraffe feeds
upon thorn-less leaf
a miracle of natural selection
so explain to me why hearts
don’t evolve beyond hate and pain
i swat a wasp upon my skin
i say i am weak so dead so loser
and jump into the tar pit of death
and grab a feeling in your heart
pulls me up to see we’re the same
one in death another coming along
it’s not so surprising
it’s not mesmerizing
just like a picked flower
in the forest of madness

:: 08-10-2015 ::


[THE magic smell of children
sweating to learn life — oh]

Keep your fingers inside sickness
is disease of many minds
so sure it knows the magic
number unlocked libido mysteries
and empty lives
yeah yeah yeah
so fabulous against a, fathoming jelly

protuberant mass of warmth and love
a one-eyed dirty word hello hello
so silent spits discreet kisses
of noise . . .
yea yeah yeah
glass and plastic
love inside of me unsuddenly pandora
: but sting skillful of lustful eye
,kissed unsmoothed OpenEyed being
Stupid, contagious, Peers:BODY OF
aching toys –oh yea yeah yeah
yeah –my dear)i felt less
as always i do and always will i will
hello will oh no when,:your soft glands
say hello . . . . is swig
it touches so Big sO neatly large
makes me smile i sound a sigh so high
i merry go round go round hello
go round hello go round hello
keep your fingers inside sickness
is disease of m,any minds and here
we are now unlocking libido mysteries
and empty lives oh yeah oh yea
oh yeah oh yea so fabulous against a,
fathoming jelly mass

:: 08-10-2015 ::


BEEN eating ‘mean’ all day
my teeth  are loose
the last thing i did was
punch the woman who laid
the golden eggs but i’m the goose
it’s the Mississippi River Fever and i
fear i’m ten miles down the river
caught in a watery noose

and the Lord
can’t help me cause
i’m in the delta blue death trap day
just waiting for that southern moon

it’s so heavy upon the moss and moving
things without no name to come take me
so take me away cause all my teeth are
gone cause i caught this fever called
the ‘Delta Blue Death Trap Day’
Lord come and take me away been
eating ‘mean’ all day and i wanna
rest in that mud of the Mighty
Mississippi River

:: 08-10-2015 ::


she hasn’t been outside in so long
it struck the heart of a white pony
‘we should live outside forever’
take the shoes off this pony
and intuition says y9our love
is where this sun glows twice
as brightly but never burns
it’s intuition we’re within
the orchids but now a line’s
been crossed and intuition sings
sings, ‘two suns can scorch the land
into two’
so i beg put horseshoes upon
my heart before this vision fades
too fast and let me run into those
orchids where love grows

:: 08-10-2015 ::


i can hear the butterfly wing
flapping within
my e a r s
says it wants to be
someone who doesn’t want
to live within
a cocoon of fear
well dear welcome
to this world
where everyone’s flapping
their w i n g s

:: 08-10-2015 ::


i’ve got a nation pollination
all inside my head a trill
they wanna kill
just one scribble ahead
of a posse possessing me
i throw up across the board
called hell that twists my skills
and this torture chamber
playing orchestra pulls my nails
it’s called hell and welcome to me
to my screaming steel it’s a grill
superheated to melt and kill
welcome to me to my location
one foot away from heaven and
two feet from hell

:: 08-10-2015 ::


i ride four wheels on earth
a clutch in heaven
a foot on a petal near
hell and it’s darkness
darkness where the road
hums in my heart
So i’m riding a hearse
and there’s a dead body
in the back grinning
and hell’s smoke is crawling
into the cracks of these windows
i smoke i smoke non-filtered
sticks as long as trees
like those one’s burning
along the streets — people
say ‘he’s the crazy fucker
with good dress like a GQ
corpse waiting for his
formaldehyde and i’m singing
with the squished turtles
on hell’s road so i got to go
got to go with the zombies
holding signs that read
“detour to death”
so disengaged i ride this road
with four wheels on earth
and a clutch of gold in heaven
my foot petal near hell and it’s
darkness darkness where the road
hums within my heart

:: 08-10-2015 ::