Daily Archives: August 30, 2015


and i say the gator can snap
yes ma’am that’s what i’m saying
today the sun can burn it all
yes’um burn all of this ragged man
cause when the moon shows up
i’ll be three sheets to the wind
that’s a prayer for all of you
so bring over your long legs
so i can survive little girl
so bring over that halo a bit tarnished
all i’m saying is you stole my soul
and with my pink cadillac
you drove me outta
my poor soul little woman

:: 08-30-2015 ::


WHITE LINE dance within my mind
twisting a mix of fear and love
bubble gum thoughts of sticky pain

grab your shoes wear your pain
like stilettos how much it hurts
all you see is the beauty of it

The puzzle of love fits so nice
but a broken heart takes its time
to put the pieces all back together

— // —


Melancholy ? Is not me!
the item on isle #1
next to ‘organic food’
is where marketing horror
sits nearly aside cards and
little children
poetry is no produce
but thinner than air
eventually all our
last breath!

:: 08-27-2015 ::


two tiny fleeting feet
rushing mushing mushroom
upon chase of time
so early in morrow
morning kisses
says rooster:
not fair i have no roost!
says the butterfly:’Sweet’
before nectar drinking
and Cupid signs: “All lovers
need a drink of Spirited Love
to start a Romantic Day!

:: 08-27-2015 ::


no youth or age hides
from an Eternal Rule
the touch of vulnerability
we cry, “a miracle
so difficult! and blew my
eyes saying, Death is
a Miracle feeling no pain”
toward my pain feeling
long history //instanity
rolled a beach ball by the
hands of God! i wish to know
those secrets He keeps away
keeps unto the majestic
miracles–Father; we children
cry when we see the end of
loved ones
believing YOU: Funeral
of Victory!

:: 08-29-2015 ::


SO soft, so my forever love
Breathing she remembers me
of all the fallen light
she chase a memory
in wind causing heartbeats
my life I loved her
and moved a Thought
like Hours and Days
into a muse whom I loved
and she is all of me
All of Life and Death too
A flame so Straight
she is all of my love
All of my-too Emily
She never could stop
for death and so i am too
the force of fire so quick
and fine — all my love to you

:: 08-29-2015 ::


step stom step-step-stomp step
Halt! EYE’S RIGHT! A N Undeclared
sense of urgency We feeling if
this love: waltz away
my sense of u r g e n c y
We cry for something difficult
to bring us(and love if this
oh dear this is the world’s end).
I cry! to swear i held your hand until
all (oh, the end). i saw you wash away//
we begged oh yes and if this is the
end it is the END
i saw you wash away; and your eyes had
an image of me while i cried; broken history
“if” like a step-child unwanted so i sawy
i say if it’s the end i wash away me
wash away me: i describe miracles
so something so difficult in eyes
it’s the end it’s the end lovely heart
i swear one day a new beginning!
and much fresh suffering
:: 08-29-2015 ::


SOLID Smiles stepped
pressing my EMERGENCY
strIppIng All Your
/// a criippled devastation
(-!: p,ease oh plesae see i
am ‘walked away.’ Feeding me
to say ‘please allow the end!!!
walk away ok i caught ‘L.’
i weep oh feeling a word in flesh
it’s time i saw my miracle
so biblical. —>so lost
away!! Hair o’ history when
your fist bruised me and this
the end:I is no longer a word of me
Devastated by my love
of me

:: 08-29-2015 ::


Murderous being-little me
long legs wide hips
i kill i say i slay hating me
big breasts
you can’t push me underground!
i strive freedom killing you
in my small ways saying
i need you to forigve how
cheap i feel — three stabs into
your heart you bastard i lost
the feeling of my skin as
my best friend: you stole away
my body and now i crawl
away from away-How was i as
a child before wolves hunted
the little-me.// OH
Father save me i sang
this beautiful sky is a cherished
Crying Some
One save how i believed all good
people hug

:: 08-29-2015 ::