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bring me smiles bring your friends
bring me flowers to bury your fields
my dreams of what i pretended
i knew in childhood
i knew hell
i knew hello
i knew ooh
i wished i was
little heart and so i am until the end
hello i knew i knew i walked with lights
out and saw and felt terrible feelings
a contagious here i am now: i knew hello
i knew hell i was embryo
so stupid i ate placenta of my birth
and felt so small i asked for love
i asked for love ooh i am the shadow
of what could have been it brings me smiles
dreaming you bring friends to laugh and smile
with me
oh smile hello oh smile
hello smile hell no i am embryo of political law
and i eat my heart so raw and oh congress gave me
a vote they say no oh no hell no i am arms and
hearts and skin and i so stupid i’m a vote
of unconscious regretful votes by living souls
i wish i was you ==just unborn just unborn
soul: where is light when we’re so stupid
temptation to be so ignorant we’re so low
so low slow…i know hello i know hello
we kill life SO WITH LIGHTS OUT we are so
STRONG temptation says we’re ignorant.
we’re so below sewer we’re so zero. UNDENIABLE.
:: 08-03-2015 ::



EYES, i see you weeping you gave me this
it made me give a heart silver grin
it still sticks me in my soul heart
and you know MY longest lover
she moves madly i’m drained trough
time and
i drained in a broken shattered:
shattered mental armour like nothing
:: heart: kiss-mouth vampire — you have
a soul machine so ashamed so i see
how madly decades
broke me in time:
broke i am a ? mouth? mouth?
it drags me down and i can never breath
and i am just a mouth — nothing: a thousand
years || without light or love and i
i was missing long before
i found my way and so now
i found you in flesh and life: my mouth ||
kisses you like October machine sun/Moon all your
mental heart fights me but i break THROUGH:
like your mouth: mouth, your’ heart and love
a piece of me i give you in all the mental armour
of love and soul and your MOUTH i see you weeping
i drained in a broken shattered
mental armour heart

:: 08-03-2015 ::


WHATEVER she devises in her heart
of her demise — whatever the plan
a perfect heart a perfect grave
and inspite: “I did it for myself:
did it all for myself”
and she turns around invicincile
a sore light of a tight skin-smile
rapped around the world.

She’s perfect like you.

Whenever she moves her lips apathy
and breaks a great a broken wild
trip around the world:; she’s
a soul LIGHT a SOUL just just
a just name of Jesus and how
thirty pieces are perfect
so Jesus she’s like perfect
just like you: to be perfect
just like you(all arms around,
all words (no one comes to me–
and when i break i break break
break break Jesus is a shadow
so invicible he :: so soul light
come to me.
so all around invincible just
to be perfect like you: jesus,
to be perfect just like yoU:
to be perfect–the world holds
their arms around in billions
of imperfect souls.

:: 00-00-0000 ::


a coctail like love
exhilariarting for real
of all human emotions
i say nature’s way
of beautiful — we
let human species live
and if i’m alive
i am so stealing wise
like treating you bad
you bruised my face
i am a freak: feeling
me, our days enticing
never let our brain entice
us to fall in love
i say it’s the tone of voice
99% of wine again , enraptured
around me i need you more
i kiss what i need and thats
just so fine: we need nature’s
beautiful; a way of keeping human
species alive_______surging
dopamine we increase energy
(and never let the sun go by)
it’s a less need for sleep or food,
a focused wheel of where everyone
steals (he treated you so bad)
a delight in smallest details
of this novel relationship
;serotonin i love how you keep
love popping within my brain
seriously: being human is
so romantic! i’m a bad moon
and the sun is more than less
and i digress in simple –so
find:; one of the names
of tragedy: i’m a ghost
of your heart….a ghost\
you comedown.

:: 00-00-0000 ::


a perfect mushroom performing
rose of ivory

all night i quit hate you

like a baby born smelling
all the world
hating with a neat obscure
minute odor

the city refuse to feed him
she shook a shimmie how you
wish that you were AWAY
(oh away oooh away)
the canvas says jointed reason
a Pablo Picasso burned perfume
so you can’t love me cause
i quit! — fit. Fit.
Ahh! so if i at sunset should
pardon your incomprehensible
heart : smell the babies
of a never –.._> furnace
go away! smells like Mary’s
lips a semen pressing flowers
are kneeling the various deaths
(cummings) go away! Cobain.
Dickinson. so just go away!

:: 08-03-2015 ::


IF My mumble-stumbled i say
my knees are skinned
i epoch-ed sealing ghosts beneath
the skin of not Less than(
parenthetical braces fucking
piss me off — so sorry)
can Mary spread her legs
without giving Gods to
this world? I hope she tried.
And all my love you seem different
we’re alive and shall be cities
the haunting sound of a sitar
Mary you haunt me cause i wish
i could reach into you to find
love! I wish to eat the woman
who spawned a deity! Oh i,
oh i, oh me oh my! to think
i could find home and love
between the legs of a woman!
all my love you think you’re
different from other girls.
But you’re the same.

:: 08-03-2015 ::

I WAS SO WRONG (for so long)

A curve of your lips tears in eyes
love you girl
i see a summer inside
your heart; how are you and if are
you ever coming out?
;i may have changed
to realize i was wrong
but i paint your face in words and paint
i’m not with anyone
i could never hurt me or you
wishing waves crashed
before a shore and i realize i was
wrong — so wrong
so now i’m waiting
for eternity to see
your face
i…so wrong
i belong where i am
it’s not death but feels it feels the same
so i am so ever longing to do anything for a
moment to just say
:: 08-03-2015 ::


I swear winds are touching
why why
how many fingers
touching me
and if love is a skeleton
of death
OR, if anybody ever opened
an unread letter

like in ME
i am not

oh if it’s a kind’a thought
happy maybe not thinking
can lovers kiss in anger
a ship tied to a dock
an ease you can think
you take our love away
but not from me

we(i)WHERE_when gold invents
weDon’t you take your love
away from me
who’s myself’s brilliant
heart: like dreams carry
paint brushes swatching
life in color of my mouth

no Less than(that
by bent(me?)knees
busy ghost lies in
all our weakenss
so i u nderstand
dumpSleep dumbDeep
squirmLove leaving me

:: 08-03-2015 ::


i chose my parents today when i left heaven
they’re so excited waiting for me
i leave my past behind
and jump into a future of life
i tried and killed everything i was
but something remains; the stabbing pain
and what i became before;
i say part of love and then again
an older soul that begs to live again
YOU can  take away all  i am
but inside of me is a beating soul
i give you all the tears and pain
you can have it all my horror
i won’t let you down i will make you hurt
i heard my mother tonight she cried
and screamed come! she broke my thoughts
beneath the stain of time and i knew
i must be someone else — i am still
 right here.  What i’ve become is a flower
from the ground a seed that blooms in the air
and you  can disbelieve i’m living
within my lecture hall of life but if i am still me i say
i shall be someone i love i live another day to make
you proud
:: 08-03-2015 ::