Daily Archives: August 5, 2015


mirror life refracting light
life-light eating all of me
when i dance it’s with shoes
so light it gives off effervescent
color of my heart so please don’t
deceive me my slice of chocolate
cake! Ahh! Cherries too — vanilla
is on the menu and i dance all
the night ;would you believe me
if three teeth told you
you’re my love boat upon the
largest body of ocean upon another
world where the dead never die
and the living dance like fireflies?
hmm, this candy bar is great i think
i’ll have another bite!
oh klondike is like covered sweetness
in a polar bar of my hot hungry mouth!

:: 08-05-2015 ::


THERE once was a home  where love was drunk
say do you know south? it’s near hell on earth
and i like tinker toys a classic toy that brings
grandparents, parents and kids together
–when i was a kid culture was in a dish
of phlegm and raw pain
spools, rods, flags,
washers, and end caps!
and if undetected mental health issues keep people
from bouncing upon rubber-walls
build a windmill! using the hands in life of the body god
gave me!    and i refuse to eat after psycho-surgery
tak!  tak!  talk with me i’m so lucid i cut flowers
with the edge of the burning sun
burning — tinker toys!
aah!  away!  got a Living
Will and do not resuscitate: everywhere i smell semen
and crushing ovum eggs upon the sidewalk of life!
yellow chicks are cute
as flesh-babies just born
Baby breath burn me!
:: 08-05-2015 ::