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if (and many have said this)
i should sleep with Death
i think i may sleep peacefully
if Death were a lover held
tightly as life when her hand
held me in love//i think love
is death too, it keeps me
close and never confuses
the laughter i had once
;it was that shadow behind
my throat. Death is
a sure date and unlike life
\i remember the raining days\
to eat each drop of wet smiles
–but death is not human
nor memories: it is space
and silent crickets.
my mind explodes in deep silence!
Thorax i mean/it’s insects
(i have something more to say
–burning light burning night
eats my words)

— // —


i (is a small word) but to spread
it across this universe i believe
in ‘i’ and say it is greater than
‘we’ that ‘i’ is lonely er —
than we’ two things so weaker
i know: i made words. i made
universe. i am this. and i
am what you never knew. i
am what i am. so see. so be
so bee so me so beautiful
i am the…///…~~~~~~~~
W H A T touches all of we

— // —


oh life come   voices  to voice
oh lip to lip i smell citrus skin
oh well oh well hello
if i’m entertainment a lifetime of wisdom
it’s so me so assured i am a word with
little voiceMouth girl so dangerous i’m a
criminal in containment a dirty word hello
a sprite of air and blood; blessed is what
moves on and on and hello hello, i’m so well!
well! yea!  it’s been ‘hello’  a while so
hell on hell no i’m a weak girl yea yeah yea
you know:  acting stupid gave you a cold bed
YEAH!  yeah.  i saw you when i drove by
the highway (until hello i know hello) and you
looked dead //i forget while i taste
a smile of another well, well, never mind
oh hell oh well dammit i’m swell
i feel so stupid
feel so angelic
hello hell o’ hell
and i love my dreams
eating your soul
yeah–thighs spread
and there i found the sun
in a beautiful flesh of
my oh my oh my yeah
oh  yeah oh yeah oh yeah
oh  yeah oh yeah i love you!
a libido of fresh flowers
so hard to find that men
die trying and women oh
women try — birth, menstrual
pain and we hate each other
the feeling feelings feeling
feelings feel how we live
 — it’s a short block to the next
stop so drop a coin in the slot
oh shit i think life smells like skin
like me


my tinker tongue songly
sang it’s h e l l o
i know i am alone
a music box with dancer
dances alone but love
seems to grow to grow
in fields at night
when the moon sheds
tears — moon beam
move me so alone
my tinker heart too
strongly sings
its hell oh hell
oh no oh no oh well
i seem to find myself
in a large hall of
no dancers but myself
so i dance i dance
to the song of love
i love i love love
in fields at night
when the moon sheds
tears i drink her
love and love i love
moon light so moving
i dance with life’s
sorrowful song

:: 08-01-2015 ::


come on-board and bring
your tears
all aboard dear weeping
hearts and what friends
say goodbyes so short
a list i know i know
i feel the burn
i feel the turn
i feel your pain
ooh –>
and today is so blue
i allowed the skies
to touch my heart
a loud pain
and so away i go
until the end
i know hello
i know hello
i know hell no
when the lights
turn off i dream
where i am now
like a bug upon
a screen and temptation
entertains the soul
until the end
until the monkey screams
in a laboratory of science
i’m still human i think
until the prick of the
needle inside my heart
infuses a lifetime of
sensation so here we are
i feel so stupid i’m
that contagious
i say goodbye so list
me on your shortlist
of burning turning pain

:: 08-01-2015 ::


thrump! bump|gyrate hip

it’s all of me
i see you
hee hee yea love
so cool i am
noir way yeah hi
and love to praise
grey and black like the
night that drops hearts
to their knees yeah
like a devil or someone
who tries to convince
you there’s nothing left
to discover in this world
and they’re fucking crazy
: noir me noir you and
each step step i take
a relativistic paranormal
moment so i see how you
were are will be so like
seasons each praising
god and hating their selves
calling it the devil
so drop the night
so drop the night
like the devil
to his knees
and let’s never speak of
evolution so over rated
by bean counters like
pope so sexually dope
on a rope and i hate
? what? nothing!

:: 08-01-2015 ::


AND blond Jenny’s dead by Summer’s touch
without the movie canned and executive’s
blessing — hey, she was more than celluloid
life so don’t you come around here no more
:they don’t come around here no more
i see her in the waves and how they undulate
crashing sands and seagulls sing “she’s no
more” whatever you do don’t you come around
anymore — she gave it all and what’s left;
a closet full of dreams — i dream of her
and stop! life tangles my emotions
and liars look me in my head
and my enemies are friends
they were foe before i laughed
now a world with snow
like each leaf out of each new tree!
and Jenny is very deadly really
cool — i saw her dancing on the shore!
so her smile stretches across the shore’s
morning (i feel) morning’s light and love

:: 08-01-2015 ::


so o’er the valley in this summer
just me and i and someone named
“sunrise”  i fell into the flowers
at our feet and the birds up above
angrily argued so sweetly
i found i was alone in a tall grass
and felt the sun burning me;  a
tender spot rose up and a wind
said, “so big!”  i refused the blowing
wind’s  request so then i saw a color
so magnificent it affronted me
it was a grand song of music pouring
out of each wonderful moment. hmm.
i think i fell to sleep and dreamed
but then again i was awake which
blew my human mind.  Hmm.  Well,
here i was in a tall grass and naked
to the world and something says,”
o his eyes and his smile they went
straight through my heart’
and the birds and the bees by a
gentle breeze sang buzzingly angry:
“O! last night i dreamed of you
my lover”  i think they they think
i think nature but i yawned and there
like thunder they thought i wished
to go away ~~ so i wish i am sleep
and dreams or fiddling with pieces
of tight strings!
:: 08-01-2015 ::


SOMETHING how you don’t care
(he never takes me anywhere)
out on the lawn i lie in dreams
big dipper licking all of me
and congregated ants vote for me
;don’t you mind? don’t you care?
sleepy do, sleep do as my feet
point to the rising moon
don’t you tell me what to do
within my skull is an equal
as colleagues in a ring
(unless it’s all within my mind
shoo be doo; don’t tell me
what to do!)
as i walk along cobblestones
in the deepest part of
New Orleans i can see (i can see)
warlocks and vampiric needs
dripping down by the brimming river
i hear a lover sing under an arch
of a church entrance way:
“i shall love you till the blood
of all humanity has dried up!”
it’s overdo, shoo be doo, don’t
cha tell me how to feel or what
to do! Shoo be doo!

:: 08-01-2015 ::