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IN impossibility we glanced
many-twice? There. In the
moonlight we now see as
morning-lit regret?
never me
? of you a mystery
wishing i dipped the cup
of my life within your stream
–the Never-be
so there, we are all alive
: we/us fighting for love
and the dead? What do they say?
silly fools! All of you!
the little children of life
hopscotch skipping hearts as
though they are games!

:: 08-22-2015 ::


WHEN better
that sun carved
this piece
i gave yourful
larger of my
smallest heart!

should you smell
the pink-rose
of my heart:
humble A
pieces of little-
ME we rained
feeding greenery
forgetting hearts
–my soul pulls a
thunderCloud forever
towards missed love
life toward walking
wet roads of Spring’s
l i f e

:: 08-22-2015 ::


forever if you ever
say you’re leaving me
standing on this station
seeing a whisper taking away
the light of these skies
this is my last heartbeat
this is the one where i’m
so just out of your reach
and we fly away
i am the word upon the bird
‘s wings singing
sweet memories
the tears of steels
making the soul scream

:: 08-22-2015 ::


& sweet humming these smiles
cascading waving waters
in your lovely eyes
bell toll’ng in wishes
on some(like) green Irish Earth
splattering echo’ing lust
their Arms are not long as mine
those dreaming armies of mine
where i should have/not-had stepped
accord of peace
my lover.
We said pain
felt thing that has no name
but we tried
now i know war is a heart
that never stops bleeding
until you Remember:
once we loved

:: 08-22-2015 ::


summer is a smile on this girl
she loves you
and loves the world
she’s crazy about everything else
and on long days (living in “___”)
she thinks about the bad boy
the one who broke her heart
she moves on toward a field of clover
with four leafs and dreams of her
broken heart — mends her heart
she dreams about so free to love
and all the creatures of the night
smell her blood and her tears
and they wish to have a black dance
with this woman — a name on night’s
sky leaving this world for awhile

;; – ;;


We should live in shades of children
and I could if the fears took control
I would say my dear/fear is a candy cane
a famous macabre novel of Mary Shelby
and who is the monster and lover?
I confess…I love candy canes

And if you should hear my mind
what a wonderful journey of love
it’s a cable show of famous hearts
and I would never be satisfied
I hate selling my children
like a paperback novel (so cheap
like cyanide)

each word a poor soul
a chapter of death
and stanza’s too

just a thought of love
and pauper’s breath
a heartache of lovers

And if I should cry
what heavens too dear!
a macabre life I’m living

And if you should love
I could believe — like oak
a sturdy forest of green
My movie queen of lust

So I dream and wish upon
a confession of a word
and heroes survive ending credits
but do they save their woman?

I would give you
a walk-away star
in your purse
and a kiss birth
as you walk in life
and we live shades

of children…




I am not just
death or life
but the dice that gods
throw across the board
of eternal if!

:: ~~ ::


THEY drop as by the dead
My vacant
processional funeral
Like the barren field s
upon my face
— so slip my tears
beyond the reach
of a broken heart
Sorrow do drown
an empty Soul —
the bitter debt of Life
my regrets

:: ~~~ ::


TOOK every chance now
no redeeming coupon
in pocket i am no lying
tongue just got this one
word (way to go bro
and thanks a lot)
so you know
gonna spread a lot of love
no no no — it’s cool
taking flight upon this dream
she has her name written beneath
iridescent wings
this Lady Love called
“Candy stick” and frankly,
i saw frankie spank the scene
took one slap to make the world
twirl swizzle stick made her glow
way on down in Texas where
the devil has (a) summer house
San Antonio Texas
where the roads melt summer
rivers between all Mother Nature’s
ample breasts//motor boat
rotor rooter rooster killing throat
armadillo sweating on hwy 1863
the beautiful cyclist peddling
peddle-sweet on a crack of life
oh let it rain let it rain
then in blasphemy disengaged
perspicuous veracity so i can speak
to my girl in all our ‘got that fire’
zero, light zone all alone all alone
so i’m having trouble to sleep
still i try
now i sleep with seaweed
and long clawed lobsters
tickling me oh no here we go!

:: 08-22-2015 ::