Daily Archives: August 8, 2015


A little bit of time
to hate me
and what i do
can never make
you care — and
lightning strikes me

i say no words
they’re falling
down into despair
and the world
never cares
it’s life

and if love is angry
my pain makes them hungry
it’s the hardest word
“sad” to be within
this pith of darkness
carves flowers of madness

and you’re not there
i cannot do anything to
make you want me so i say
(when it’s all over)
never sorry: it’s the hardest
word and love is madness

i’m so sorry so sorry
i’m so sad so sad
we never seemed to believe
we could talk it over
and love is a madness

:: 08-08-2015 ::


there(binding love)in
life :: sweet tiny
baby lips and mothers
and nature(fathers
pillars)hearts and
feelings //trusting
;bursting loving
life and is not it
a comfort? Nature
left alone and without
the touch of madness!

:: 08-08-2015 ::


if i were less than water
the rivers would cry out!
if less than sky
the world die
if i were music
from the soul
the deepest tears
would flow and i am
all and more
nothing and a sweet
possibility if love
comes – come.
We are all One
if Love is here
:she is our mother!
and we!
brothers and sisters

:: 08-08-2015 ::


To the One i have never met
who walks silently calmly
in the mist of clouds
my regrets
in the night of life
who many have lived
entirely alone with self
and that is all best in
dreams of mind and heart
i now know life is sweetly
dressed in dreams like you
which heaven has denied me
for her best reasons

my immortal love
someday some life
i shall eventually meet!

:: 08-08-2015 ::


if life must send me
eventually away
between this fantasy
of living and eternal
mystery i say
give me hope
to love and giving
to receive
and send my own
feelings unto
this world;
my angel oh my
other self!
i wish my life
to be selfless
only serving

:: 08-08-2015 ::


i don’t want to see you
on a roller coaster of life
and i say if i lose my
mind and if i lost feelings
i don’t want to see you
i don’t want to think
just to do it
and its always perfect
i don’t want to see you
just to see you bothered
it’s so beautiful
watching you work out life
next to me
if you formulate you
and me as the sum of one
i love you anyway you are
an indescribable life
of two living as one
if you lose your mind.

:: 08-08-2015 ::


IF four nails secured
the Cross of Life
should i entirely ask
of god why Tigermart
sells deluxe burritos
but 7-11 has hot dogs
happily the uninformed
droop bloated question
marks — like a scar
across the mile of
my sacred walk
And if i should receive
an answer more or less
deserved, God go in peace
and spawn a supermarket
and wall street to rape
all mankind from their
health and well-being
–infinitely in your
schizo’d deity-mind
So i wish to meet a girl
who has a womb of happiness
to spawn a new universe
her tiniest whispering
invitation is like a clock
striking my heart \

:: 08-08-2015 ::


Hi so high!
you know me
we go so far
far away we
pretend we live
oh you know me
i love dirty words
kangaroo pouch
were i keep my
secrets and you
are so dirty /words
over ramparts into
the crease of zero
night:we are strangers
to the light and
contagious to the cross
–a symbol of self-assured
knowledge of incomprehensible
meanings::yeah oh yeah
the monster of assumptions
so i gave you a gift of anger
so make it your tower of
meaning, leaning, forceful
living to entertain your
meaning /-/and we are a
pebble in a river
a blemish upon a face
a health condition
in a cardiac ward
so hello hey you oh yeah
feeling stupid and failure
in a trash bin next to
aborted fetus
the world is a puss bucket
of confused thoughts

:: 08-07-2015 ::


i eat a seed of fear
everyday like a vitamin
of weakness ;
it brings me tears

i know the color
of it’s pill
a weakness-pale
of failure
i try to fight
but today i fear
it consumes me
and so i’m gone

it’s never fair
i have so
much to give
but the taste
of weakness remains

and if you ever love
stay away from me
i have too many fears
and i cannot remain
i am a shadow beneath

the footfalls all people who live
and walk through life
i am a tear in the crack
of the sidewalk you walk
just a face imprinted

in fear but i remember
when i was alive
it was everything
but now the seed i’ve
grown; what i’ve become

the seed of fear

:: 08-07-2015 ::



Him To Her

IF a cloud becomes to large who moves it
to cry it’s nurturing tears upon the land?
And if a spiritual power is like a lover
then lovers are in the best company who
wear clothes called human skin!
Surely no sensible man would think a letter
written to you would coincidentally fall
upon your hands (without design) by a mutual
friend; each word i spoke in ink i try
to move away from any awakening
of our past misfortunes. Your nights are
lovely and quietly whispering of human
love; yet my passion has been under restraint
as thoughts in a bird cage wishing free air
to fly. Yet, i feel my passion makes me
sensible to its impressions and as the
caged bird as is my love for you i begin
to persuade my spirit it is a superfluous
trouble to break free my emotions for you.
i awoke this morning to a bright sun which
greeted me and then my heart which did shone
brightly casting shadows of doubt about
this love you embrace for evenings.

Let us share them? We can write things
in this night and sing and love another!
:: 08-07-2015 ::