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[come on people let’s smile and say there’s no pain, try and get together and hug death and pain]

i speak with turtle-flipper lip say purple
it tastes like death and when i was a navy
wave of blue crimson way i could ride a crest
of love — sharks like people bite life just to live
got to find a way a better way to say just to say
um, did you see suzy in her yellow dress? she had
an ice cream tongue licking puberty too || bouncing
and feeling gravity upon her chest and the boys
lost their eyes as marbles at a school yard
it’s best
teachers too
smelling youth
i got to find
gotta find me
inside leviathan dreams
a lion’s den where some crown-less king
rules over a depleted dream

:: 08-01-2015 ::


While you’re vacillating
they say, “We’re believing
and we’ve bought you,”
they say, “a treasure map
showing how you can find
your heart”
This spot of soil sits
directly below my head
“We’re a false witness
it goes with our love”
i want to burn all these
liars who watch my future
burning fields of feelings
the pain like an unwound
clock i keep winding up
and i see the woods once
inviting but hear there’s
a flying trickster in that
wood next to the false
witness so i dismissed
the greater part of my friends
and hear they have done evil
things upon that spot of land
i was never told, a hidden
path to their soiled spot
within a phallic tower
all within inverted commas.

:: 08-01-2015 ::


i prefer the Museum to God
and the flower over thorn
space-time over sundaes
and a walk into eternity

there’s a whole universe
just for lost patience
and like my personal
relations i perish
for best reasons

in this moment of beauty
i find no history,
a perfect completion
too early? if a mother
born it then has another
lover where ghosts are haunted

we are all lost and wanted

:: 08-01-2015 ::


i saw me coming out of living life
where i am the tallest small no thing
and if what i have become IS thinking
changing and changing living, my lies
tear a hole inside what i could never
kill but i’ve tried and the clock tics -me
off- in all its talking about precious time
within a flickering stream and how i
choose to remember everything
||i remember every thing that begins with “a”
and through “z” and many other
symbols of expressive thought
my sweetest memory of fire:
till angry said it was pleased
and i turn around in the end
and see it all; flash bulb
of all that happened and
being alone in this stain of time
i return to being a sheep
in hay and every POUNDING MOMENT
of relentless time says ‘i must
move further from this and must

:: 08-01-2015 ::


EACH step a decade
each sight a century
inside my machinery
i watch the world
go by | bye
all i ever knew
into a stew
of light and
dizzyingly time
lessly struggles
i see a snail trace
as bolt of lightning!
a fetus flowered into
an elder
and the sun grew blue
as the skies melted –too
and some THING moved
not of flesh or born
by birth –>a new
someWHAT-thing beyond
as the clock ticked-
tocked a year of
255093 AD says the
last human!

:: 08-01-2015 ::


between attention and retention
is an elastic rubber band-THOUGHT
s   t   r   e   t   c   h   e   d
atop beginnings and superfluous
endings (a word: ending–>i hate)
Of earth and air as mortal distraction
to wake up and piss and brush one’s
tooth; to clothe the wolf in sheep-
skin(cheap skin too) and make a bee
LINE to work! the master makes money
and we too–pennies on the dollar
So today i take the strain vertically
and dove so deep within my mind
i find i pierced the glint of what-if’s
and other impossibilities: i am writer
of words keeping note of insanity!

:: 08-01-2015 ::


IF we run into that sun
(we)should we see all things
brighter-clear and taller
to-day, remember?
The strawberry moment;
and fields of red luscious
berries when we held hands
with a squawk above piercing
hearts–the hawk’s keen eye
watched us growing in love
i remember how the night came
as a soft silk blanket ;it’s
hushed feelings sang, ‘eternal’
then a noisy dawn that brought
scars where vessels ought naught
be tied to rotting docks
And i remember that king of air
speaking without his crown:
SQUAWK! harbinger of discordant
noise like my love-life

:: 08-01-2015 ::


the sun brang tilted-tinted singing
where i chased a precocious winking
flitter-colorBURSTING butterfly(my mouth
is full o’ butteredcup ofYellow(and a bee
or two too!)) and today roared in youth

next door was in horror as i chased
with tinyFoot the bug with large wings
//she screamed and clawed the walls of
shame as brutes deflowered the queen
who once ruled me//

the tiny brook is where it landed
upon a boastful rock where eddies
and tendril-like swirling water
surrounds her castled heart

and the horror away always away
where mother was raped and i
chose to chase the butterfly today
horror beneath a sun is brighter
than anything.

:: 08-01-2015 ::


I kissed did_Bursting things
where the sleepyHeart (in myself)
 burned away the fever
of faithless-EyEs
of Individual\BeautyForms

Ephemeral_things-Bursting did,
a paranormalCog-noThing piece
a steam Punk Victor-IAN
fashion Brass-Leather beating!
Beating souls in my flowerPot
of Things and only pepper-Like
dust remains…

:: ~~~ ::


love come `q u i c k ly !
before a faltered sun
should be still.
Within me mystic darkness,
a church bell rang,
quickly! Like symbols
clanging trembles; cymbal
is my heart —
and symphony is in the air
as it is everyday; every hear!
And I – ah! Stumbles is
where my path leads; tripping
dipping swaying flaying across
“the labor of an age in piled
stones!” Milton knows!

:: 08-01-2015 ::