Daily Archives: August 6, 2015


SO much Summer splashed dressed woman wearing
pan-caked Sun clothing; burning me
in red shoes- legs twisted;
the railway of a station
WE(me?) have big words
to0 much so we never spake
Jesters like fluttering
Spring butterflies swaying(
saying(what love might b(m)e))
a romantically painful
I threw-up nectar
and she flew away with
sugar upon her virgin
tongue to love someone
else in this life.
And the beauty of flowers
are for everyone!

:: 08-05-2015 ::


i’ve been splitting rocks
in a prison suit
of life and what i think:
you know who you are
and when you come home
it’s one thing i have learned
you’d be better off if
you were dead

Like weather patterns of hurricanes
and a messy heart
like if the sun set and
the moon was so brighter
i smell corruption of nature
so i think you are better off
if dead: and your cold hands
against my heart makes me
want to die: got no fear,
have no reason to climb out
of this freak hole of love

and i think you’d be better
off if you were DEAD

:: 08-05-2015 ::


so “SO” is the pregnant pause:
streets of empty tombs
sweet love between buildings
a dried heart as like a flower
pressed within a book’s pages
fan them into animated life
— to say life’s so cheap
i never believed a heart
was less than a gold bar
of one’s soul
Sweet straight spine of life!
the bold One nested with a soul
i am the luckiest one to
know who you are; My dear
so beautiful are those tears
like rose petals cascading down
your cheeks…into a nothingness
save the one who knows: i’m the
luckiest guy fanning all the pages
of living life and making errors
animated by the need for love
oh, the need for life!
and so i’m the loneliness guy
in all the world like photos within
my smart device: believe me,
for(out of all things)is life
is a dream of many noon’s fool:
so i’m the luckiest guy in the world
Not me. love me.

:: 08-05-2015 ::


deeply desire ,        my heart
unexplored! nothing lingers
the broad sword of life, cuts
pieces into  smaller moments;
moments that sometimes linger
make it so! that baby bees are
born within Spring!
i see you hold  the nectar of life
upon your tender tongue!
then pass that love to another one
;never spoiled–what nectar then
becomes honey for the hive!
i’m unexplored
by pheromone–
the honey bee
be brilliant!
:: 08-05-2015 ::