Daily Archives: August 9, 2015


so you say poverty is dishonorable
a lack of moral virtue
fuck industriousness
living in Victorian times suck
have grandpa come on over
dressed as a greek wood nymph
and he posses on a table in the
parlour room while everyone
applauds — so entertaining
and macabre!
And the River Thames pours its
pea-soup over the city ; a fog
so thick i can barely see Jack
ripping up another poor soul —
the king bans coal fires and
many freeze to death!
it’s okay to serve you a bowl
of animal brains and even a heart
but you prefer the turtle for
it’s green jello-like fat,
imagine that!
and McDee’s no different with
it’s pink slime! But memento
mori (remember you shall die)
is a snapshot photographic horror
smiling with the dead while you
say cheese…

:: 08-08-2015 ::


MY connotation of this night
is serendipitously kissing
infinity like god gloats
upon her stunning flesh:
fish by the sea walking
with legs wishing they
had been born in water
–like her breasts hanging
swinging pendulous-ly
attached to my string-heart
lungs (*)(*) but the hinge
of her locket-heart softly
swings open over gaping shores
and all the fish walk
into the ocean leaving behind
their short stubby legs
with hooks dancing out
of the corners of all their
mouths already caught
:beneath our skin we have
barnacles and tiny white
sea-lice we bought at
the walmarts and targets
that pepper our hearts

:: 08-08-2015 ::