Daily Archives: August 21, 2015


FLESH on flesh
so lovely!
Soul on flesh —
Kiss me and
let’s forget
our past.

:: — ::


the most beautiful art
is the lung expressing
air to the vocal chords

then magic happens

:: 08-13-2015 ::


so what you said been going thru my head
been thinking how i feel i think i’m dead
what you expressed buried me in my head
and now i see what i feel i could cut your heart
into two if it made me feel better but when the
angels came to me
Said you’d be better of
if you lived I said yes
a lifetime in your prison
of flesh creep
makes me feel so much better
and when your life’s over
i could never say, ‘I loved you’
you’re so much better off dead
and i say you’d be better off dead
All within your prison of flesh creep
makes me feel so better when you’re dead



baby breath ah, baby breath
like sherbet skies
smells so good i’m goo
like melted sun stripped
sidewalks in july

ah, mother comes here she comes
she looks so good so good
like i know she would
with a light-like sun
inside her heavy bosom

when baby breath coo
when mother woo
they all seem so good
ah, when love knocks me
down like melted sun stripped
sidewalk july’s

everything’s so bright
everything’s no shame
everything no freezer burn
everything so right

on sun-stripped sidewalk july’s

:: 08-20-2015 ::


i feel greed and reflection
sos caled the walls of giza
to find the loop of soul-waste
it’s the end of Ages mentioned
Tears of Steal Baby
it makes the head of god weep.–What a waste!
tears the skin of mortals
a total waste test of ages
— come resurrect me baby
an infection of mortal blood
a precise zero of an angle
of no reflection Make the bible scream
make the world electrocute me
i have seen his face so many times
i am static kill and no protection
on earth or heaven
but i trace my privacy in a spot of no remose;
a wound inside of me: come make it live
a displacement of…so how my heart has
No shakedown
No Remorse so come make

:: 08-17-2015 ::


these are my words
i dug up in a field of dead
the memories where you
fly and i don’t
it’s my least favorite
memory and life goes
while i twist at night
a kiss in millions of
small deceits and night
is it right where i feel so
most at home when begged
a sharp blade to meet me
the train of hope says
‘all aboard broken-hearts’
lovers’ (is it me?” I’m so shattered
feeling i’m drowing in deceit
so know this is my season of
less-living wrestling falling leaves
and Mother Nature
come save me

:: 08-17-2015 ::


so buttercup crushed by Giant foot
weep weep weep for weeks
the gentle Giant of the Forrest
it’s so sad to pretend we are so
assured — moth butterfly hum bird
mushroom human creature
oh! Oh! Human stay away
so lose baby sweet-eye
breath smile tiny-fist against
strange impressions
i parted gift i express forgiveness
a contagious here we are now
a sharp laugh of thorn love
a warm hand friendly holding
‘we’re so scared shitless we smile’
and heart-say hello hello hello
wishing love wishing earth.
I’m So Nature

:: — ::


Got a throat parched by life
a dry tongue stick //
got a road i’m riding on
dusty-eyelid vanish you
like a magic trick
a dry tongue stick
like an entourage of sick
ghosts limping wick
burning baby doom
burning baby boom
a dry tongue stick
i’m so sick —
catch the sun to dry
all inside my fire
it’s a heart: my heart
like a dry-tongue stick
going to make it stick
so cool but incendiary
heart(it’s my heart)
i could stir you like
a bloody mary-eye
it’s got to be a doom-
boom throat parched life
—a dry-tongue stick

:: 08-16-2015 ::


i walk three steps        beyond hallucination
and my feet have wings take flight into the air
people telling me “you’re not here…”
say, i’m saying who’re talking too?
i gotta go gotta go
gotta go —            i’m in the air

f l y i n g      three feet above
the ground looks so good not too far if i crash
crash into the darkness and the Muppet-faced people
move their necks “you’re my friend” but i hate
you saying “you’re so scary”
a fevered heart melting
a fevered heart melting
all in Palestine Texas
driving the white line in deep darkness______!
i see the tree line outside headlight sight
and the moss in Pascagoula seeps inside me
a moss heart swampland lover haunts the road
just want to play my tunes making a beeline
to Palestine Texas
but the moon sashay          into my heart tonight
and the brain inside my head          feels so weak
so this noise is about revenge all along
the road of I-10 a n d   i   s c r e a m  inside all me
just before i’m dead i see the finger of
her; she has a white glove full o’moss (uh huh hum)
grab me take me they’ll say “he’s all dead”
but all the lady-victims of I-10 say so
good to see you alive for this moment.
“Come here poor boy, lose identity in
the night” and so we road the highway
of swamp and night some wear white
but the ladies wear red

:: 08-18-2015 ::