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IF feelings are a thing
as sensations of stirring
and numbness a groom
without its bride
what of feelings
that include numbness,
for each of us to decide?
To favor feelings to live
as a gift bestowed surely
defeats if not ignores
the greedy plight of
numbness —
the disregard
of life!

:: 08-26-2018 ::


MY sweet guest today
visit but just me
within the parlor of
my Spirit
And tea for two;
one for me and the other
i sip for you
the lonely sacrament
this day.

My sweet guest

:: 08-26-2018 ::


i am dumb. you caught me eating beach sand
when steak is upon the table. And now my teeth
are crumbling sand castles / as youth begged me
to build my empire? \ i am old. the guardian of
my soul reminds me a hater sees though blind and
lovers be blind but can see \an emptiness felt i
have never filled. The sensitive see more and
the poor eat feasts within their sleep. i weep.
bolts of lightening. laughter created the universe.
wewereso youthful and time yet born when the
few of us decided to explore the ‘place of darkness’
and found life which creates life. i am
dumbfounded. by free will. we all have it but
without choice. ____/\___/\_/\__________

:: 08-29-2018 ::


Life! The incarcerated occupation!
Burdened to carry flesh and sentenced
to stow divinities spark behind cave
of bone.

Oh the maintenance! My legs as columns
that support an apartment complex; the
plumbing, the water works, faded windows,
the noisy neighbors!

The furnace burns within summer
The central air within deep of winter.

And from the attic is all to see!
The tended graveyard
The psyche hospital on the corner of
Lame and Feeble.

A police department for unruly poets
and the complimentary adjacent court house.

Ah. And the orphanage for unwanted children!

Is my neighborhood
Is my incarcerated occupation

Until my landlord evicts me,
and once again to be a FREED COSMIC SOUL!

:: 08-28-2018 ::

ACT (of) TWO

THAT in my fever while sanity has escaped by baluster
i continue to gaze in daze across the sea of white-
capped madness

Each o-shaped mouth
Each Black-bead eye
and all the ears
all the chins

speak an infinite story of nothing but sadness.
And within the orchestral pit finely dressed musicians
they shed b-flat note tears; their mannequin powder-white
skin a color of pink’s sunsetting murmur.

Simply, the true story is off stage toward this
improbable army audience; the finely carved polychrome
citizens start to move; half-bodied and more alive
than the flesh-kingdom.

Last night. Last night i felt.
That one’s life can be as real as one’s imagination
if you sinerely wish it.

:: 08-23-2018 ::


A merry-goes round
tipsy-turbulent turby
Oh Merry’s-go round more
and what are you waiting for?
Is it the rabbit you’re looking for
so far down the rabbit’s hole?
Me–but which book within the Universal
Library should I read? There are an infinite
number of books!
The Light–if you read just one of these books
then you’ve read them all!
Aaaaah oooooh i drift past the moment
with my deep head within the clouds
and zebras on tram trains singing with
undulating umbrellas//simply blown away\\

:: 08-19-2018 ::

ACT (of) ONE

THE curtains open to broken applause
an audience of great mystery
i cannot see their faces
nor their eyes
my Usher flees me!
And Time, the soliloquy
for Thespian lies
with each act an act of Life
and props on spot
for dramatic plots
Agh! my lines evade me!
Evade me for all i am
worthless within my House
of Theater:

The Absurd
The Humour
The Horror
The Love

of tears of joy of laughter
of sorrow of broken lines
upon my heart
upon my face
within the glass
upon the shattered floor

AND within the miles of aisles
of faceless witness
my lines flee me!
Within and without such cosmic shatter
an audience so abstract is my life
an Act (of) One.

:: 08-19-2018 ::



i declare fame within our victory

a proclamation to an end

Something biblical by human hands

Providing the light of the way

By dove

By flower of joy

the dew-meadow precious trust

AND away

hate, fire, damnation,

fear and Resistance to Love!

:: 08-04-2018 ::


i am the focus
of this space ___
a mote of dust
with memory
in its place
i am the big reveal
all within and
without myself
i allow the sun to fall
and the moon to take
its place

tough and strong
i could fall for you
if not for where i’ve been
it’s everywhere
in every way
with every song
with every word
spoken to my face.

i am the one known
in every language
i am the one love
and hated by all
the human race


:: 08-11-2018 ::