Horde of Unforgivable Souls


 E XPLODE like a bomb  how you
l ove me (as i die) | love me like
a heart dancing like virual app ~
fake:stomping out the cloud looking
FOR archaic Love nothing here but
heavy drugs. the c hild ren start to
sing and the lady across the street
cleaning s hirts stares upward:
the Spirit turns out the street’s candles
the caw s creams another Death in hand.  
Dreaming of a d ream  and  the creature
across the street waves it’s ‘hands’ to
the horde of unforgivable souls.

It’s too late, too late, too late,
too late for Mankind to resolve.
A heavy thought weighed my Soul down
when i pinched the sky to remember
all my wrong and little rights
i kissed the Sun in whatever i do.
  Because that River of Life is loaded
with spiritual questions and died in
her arms and her too : always be true.
Growing up and coming down
away away away up toward tearing
screaming things that would make me kill.
The beggar you begat begets a fool so tall.
You always knew oh always knew ;  so the
sweetest things the world remembers are
those feelings we’d kill for a little
oh a little (giggle) a little love, a little
stupid, never wisdom within those bones.

:: 01.18.2023 ::

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