Attachment and Love

If this whole affair should break my attachment
To family, I easily release it, only because
My heart is within splendid love.

To find happiness in life,
To find love in living,
I surrender my life for love,
For loving is the greatest cost,
Of the tears we spill in life.

As I walk the seashore, hand-in-hand,
Talking of life’s purpose, and our part in the cosmic plan.

“How can we find happiness without objects in life?”
Well, eventually, your strength will tell me an impossibility.

“Ask of me. I only wish a woman to love.”
Well then, while the ocean breaks the shores and the skies move clouds,
They watch us. What do they say of us?

“They say we are in deep love, my dear,
That the world is in love with a fallen angel
Who loves poetry.”

For love is a mystery of the heart and mind,
A force that drives us, that we cannot define.
It’s the magic of the universe, the essence of being,
The very reason we exist, the answer to our seeking.

So let us embrace the love we have found,
And let it guide us, in life’s journey, bound.
For in love, we find our true purpose and meaning,
And let our hearts soar, in Cummings’ sweet dreaming.

:: 01.25.2000 ::

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