Love, Loss, and Enlightenment

Lost in love’s labyrinthine ways,
I wandered far in passion’s haze.
I gave my heart with wild abandon,
And prayed my love would never falter.

But in the end, betrayal came,
A dagger to my heart in flames.
I thought my love had been true,
But now I see, it was all askew.

I wept and raged, and cursed the fates,
For such a cruel and bitter fate.
But then, amidst the dark despair,
A glimmer of hope, a light so rare.

For in that moment, I realized,
That love is not just sunshine skies.
It’s also storms and raging seas,
That test our hearts and make us see.

That true love is not just sweet,
It’s also bitter, and complete.
For only in the depths of pain,
Can we find the light of love again.

So now I stand, enlightened and strong,
A survivor of love’s cruel song.
For though my heart may bear the scars,
I know that love can heal all stars.

And so I walk, with head held high,
A heart that’s open, and a soul that’s wise.
For though the road is long and winding,
Love is eternal, always binding.

:: 02.28.2023 ::

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