Math Without Numbers

Math without numbers, a curious thought,
An abstract realm where the mind is caught,
A world of patterns, of shapes and of space,
A place where logic and reason find their place.

From geometry’s lines to topology’s twists,
Mathematics without numbers still persists,
Fractals and graphs, with beauty and grace,
A visual language, in which the mind can trace.

The rhythm of patterns, in nature abound,
Fibonacci’s sequence, in petals found,
The golden ratio, in spirals displayed,
A hidden order, in chaos arrayed.

Set theory, with its empty sets and more,
Logic and proofs, that the mind does explore,
Algebraic structures, with symbols and rules,
Abstract equations, that the mind can’t refuse.

Math without numbers, a world so vast,
A universe of ideas, that the mind can grasp,
A language of abstraction, of pure thought,
A treasure of knowledge, that cannot be bought.

:: 03.01.2023 ::

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