I feel your skin, and know it’s real
No need for questions, that’s not how I feel
It’s not the time to wonder why

Everything around me seems pale and plain
You come and go, like waves in the rain
I don’t want this, but I’ll never forget
Where we met, and the memories we’ve kept

Let’s not waste time, don’t let the memories die
Remember, remember, don’t say goodbye

I’m always alone, even when you’re near
Are we really together, or is it just fear?
We’re trapped in a cycle, where everyone steals
But when we escape, it’s like fields of ripe strawberries

I may have hurt you, left a bruise on your face
But I adore you, you have an exquisite taste
Let’s not waste time, we could have been kinder
I wish I could change, but I can’t rewind her

It should have been simpler, just you, me, and fear
But now it’s just us, as you fall ever so near
I needed you more, when we wanted each other less
I couldn’t kiss you, only regress

It’s clear to me, I have many names
But let’s not let these moments slip away in vain.

:: 03.05.2023 ::

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