OUT of Blue and Into Black

In the twilight of our love,
Where shadows danced with grace,
We held each other close,
As time slipped away without a trace.

But fate, it seems, had other plans,
And pulled us apart with force,
Leaving us with broken hearts,
And pain that cut through our cores.

And yet, in the aftermath,
Amidst the ruins of our dreams,
We learned to find forgiveness,
For those who caused us to scream.

We faced the bitterness head-on,
And sought to understand,
The reasons for our enemies’ actions,
To build bridges from the sand.

In time, our wounds began to heal,
And love found its way back,
For when we forgave our foes,
Our own hearts were no longer black.

For forgiveness is the key,
To unlocking the chains of hate,
And finding our way back to love,
Before it is too late.

And so, we stand here today,
United once again,
Forgiveness our guiding light,
Love and loss now a distant pain.

:: 03.09.2023 ::

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