In spring’s sweet season, when the earth is drenched
With mud and rain, the little balloon-man
Hobbles along, and in a voice that’s clenched
He whistles far and wee, a curious plan

And Eddie and Bill come running from play
Their marbles and their games now cast away
For in the air, a strange delight does sway
And in the heart, a thrill that wants to stay

When the world is drenched in wonder-pools
The queer old balloon-man takes to his tools
Whistling far and wee, he seems a fool
But in his eyes, there’s wisdom, for he rules

Betty and Isbel come dancing along
Skipping and jumping, the world’s now a song
For in their hearts, they feel a wondrous throng
A sense of joy that nothing could go wrong

And then there comes the goat-footed man
Whistling far and wee, like he’s part of a clan
His voice sends shivers, like a part of a plan
And in our souls, we feel a change that began

In spring’s sweet season, when the world is new
The balloon-man comes, a friend that’s true
Whistling far and wee, he makes our hearts renew
And in his presence, all things become askew

:: 03.16.2023 ::

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